Screen Ireland Vision

Screen Ireland Vision

Screen Ireland's vision centres on its leadership and advocacy roles; supporting a vibrant, creative and sustainable Irish film, television and animation industry with diversity at its core.


The vision for Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland, the national development agency for the Irish film, television and animation industry, is set out by the Screen Ireland Board. 

Screen Ireland is a leadership organisation advocating for a vibrant, creative and sustainable Irish film, television and animation industry, with diverse voices, talent and opportunities, which speaks to and connects Irish film culture with audiences at home and abroad. 

Strategic Goals

Screen Ireland, under its previous name, Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board launched “Building on Success: IFB Five Year Strategy Plan 2015-2020” detailing its ambitious vision and plans for the role of the agency within the thriving Irish film, television and animation industry.  The strategy was developed by the Board of Screen Ireland following extensive consultation and engagement with stakeholders from all parts of the industry.

The strategic plan has been developed to support this ambition with three key pillars identified in the ‘Building on Success' document. These are: Vision for 2020; Building on Core Strengths; and Strong Foundations.

Vision for 2020

Working with industry stakeholders, Screen Ireland will promote an overall vision for the industry, focusing on leadership, gender & diversity, and building audiences for film, television and animation. Highlights under this pillar include; providing strong industry leadership; working with the Government and the wider industry to provide a coherent public sector approach to the development of the sector; achieving a target of 50/50 gender parity in creative talent working in screen content; and positioning audiences as a central part of the work we support.

Building on Core Strengths

Screen Ireland will build on the success achieved to progress and develop creative screen talent production, the development of talent and skills, and inward production and investment. Funding of, and support for, creative development (and the necessary organisational arrangements) will be central to this. Targets under this pillar include; the creation of a new position of Head of Creative Production and Talent Development to provide artistic and creative leadership in support of screen production, and maximising opportunities for the improved Section 481 tax incentive; as well as developing talent and skills through training initiatives to meet the growing needs of the sector.

Strong Foundations

In order to deliver on the ambitious vision, and for Screen Ireland to deliver on its priorities, strong foundations will be required, including increased funding for investment in film, television, and animation; dynamic partnerships within the sector; and an effective organisation. Goals under this pillar include; seeking increased funding from all potential avenues, including contributions from public service broadcasters and content distributors to Irish film and screen storytelling content; and continuing in the creation and nurturing of partnerships with stakeholders including the IDA and Enterprise Ireland, other public film funding agencies and private sector funders such as distributors and broadcasters.

The full strategic plan can be found here.

Screen Ireland Values

In leading and supporting the industry and carrying out these strategic goals, our policy is to value and support the following values and policies:

  • Open
  • Professional
  • Creative
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Accountable

Policy Values

  • Talent and Skills 
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Enterprise
  • Partnerships
  • Audiences
  • Value for Money

More information on Screen Ireland policies can be found in our corporate governance  section which outlines detailed Screen Ireland policies across a number of areas.