Never Grow Old

When a ruthless gang of outlaws terrorise a sleepy frontier town, the local undertaker Patrick faces a profound moral dilemma. He plays a dangerous game providing for his family as he profits in the wake of the violence sweeping the once peaceful God-fearing community. As the death toll rises and...

Main Cast:

  • John Cusack
  • Emile Hirsch
  • Deborah François


Robyn Goodfellowe has come from England with her father Bill, who has been tasked by the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell to wipe out the last wolf pack. She befriends Mebh MacTire, a native Irish girl, one of a fading pagan tribe rumoured to have the gift to be able to transform into wolves by nig...


Vita & Virginia

Vita & Virginia is the true story of the passionate relationship between literary trailblazer Virginia Woolf and her only lover, the enigmatic author Vita Sackville West. The film is a celebration of their unconventional bond while being a reminder that only genuine connection makes...

Main Cast:

  • Gemma Arterton
  • Elizabeth Debicki
  • Isabella Rossellini
  • Rupert Penry-Jones
  • Peter Ferdinando
  • Gethin Anthony
  • Emerald Fennell
  • Adam Gillen
  • Karla Crome
  • Rory Fleck Byrne
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

She's Missing

Heidi and Jane are best friends living in a small town in the desert. When Jane, a Rodeo Queen contestant and military wife goes missing Heidi, now alone in the world, must begin a search across the desert for her friend. She digs up secrets and encounters the violence of life on the road, crossi...

Main Cast:

  • Lucy Fry
  • Eiza González
  • Josh Hartnett
  • Shelia Vand
  • Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Metal Heart

Sisters Emma and Chantal are worlds apart. Emma is self-conscious, angry at the world and unsure of which path to take in life. She dreams of starting a band (which will be 73% metal and 2% jazz fusion!) with her best friend Gary, who secretly has a crush on her. On the other hand, her twin siste...

Main Cast:

  • Jordanne Jones
  • Leah McNamara
  • Moe Dunford
  • Seán Doyle
  • Aaron Heffernan
  • Dylan Moran
  • Yasmine Akram
  • Jason O'Mara
  • Jane Brennan


  • Dublin

Dark Lies the Island

If you’re going to get involved with men in the town of Dromord, they might as well be Mannions – and Sara is involved with them up to her neck.

She’s married to Daddy Mannion, more than 20 years her senior, and who more or less owns the town. But her first, and maybe he...

Main Cast:

  • Pat Shortt
  • Charlie Murphy
  • Peter Coonan
  • Moe Dunford
  • Tommy Tiernan
  • Aisling O’Sullivan


  • Dublin
  • Wicklow
  • Roscommon

The Hole In the Ground

Trying to escape a broken past, Sarah is rebuilding her life on the fringes of a backwood rural town with her young son, Chris. Following the discovery of a mysterious sinkhole in the vast forest bordering their new home, Sarah must battle to unearth if the disturbing changes that begin to m...

Main Cast:

  • Seána Kerslake
  • James Quinn Markey
  • Simone Kirby
  • Kati Outinen
  • Steve Wall
  • James Cosmo


  • Dublin
  • Kildare
  • Wicklow

Cellar Door

Racing from young love to tortured loss and back again this story follows Aidie, a fighter inside and out, as she searches for her son while in the grip of the Church. 

With a unique point of view on a familiar trauma, Cellar Door cuts deep into the character’s ex...

Main Cast:

  • Karen Hassan
  • Catherine Walker
  • Mark O’Halloran
  • Ruairi O’Connor
  • Ali White
  • Ian McElhinney
  • Stella McCusker
  • Leah McNamara
  • Amber Jean Rowan
  • Conor O'Hanlon


  • Dublin


Twenty-four hours in the life of a young Irish mother and child as they battle homelessness while living in emergency accommodation.


Main Cast:

  • Martha Dunlea
  • Molly Barrett


  • Dublin
  • Kerry


In 1976, two respected scientists, Ben Morin and his wife Catherine O'Neal, quit their jobs at the university to conduct an experiment they think will revolutionize our understanding of human identity. The project aims to raise three children contrary to their genetic predispositions to prove...

Main Cast:

  • Matthew Goode
  • Toni Collette
  • Fionnula Flanagan
  • Michael Smiley
  • Andreas Apergis
  • Megan O’Kelly
  • Jordan Poole
  • Anton Gillis‐Adelman
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