Recently widowed, Franky Bannon can't cope. He's suicidal. Until his imaginary childhood friends return to show him that the world is beautiful...


If These Walls Could Talk

If walls can hold memories, what sort of echoes linger in the closed units of our psychiatric institutions as they approach their demise? Moving through the corridors, dormitories and day rooms of these decaying spaces, we hear the faint traces of forgotten voices - the people who spent the best par of their lives committed tothese asylums.



Donkey is sick of his minimum wage job at the beach. Best Animation Award, Darklight Film Festival 2009


Moore Street Masala

Shop clerk, Baba, falls for the sexy estate agent across the street. When he sells her lunch, she steals his heart. There is only one way there love can make it... Bollywood Style!


Dental Breakdown

A musical comedy about five reluctant student dentists whose eyes are opened to the cruel consolations of their career by a sadistic tutor. Warning: this may hurt a little!!



Following her suicide attempt, a young autistic woman is brought to the West of Ireland to learn how to surf, and discovers she likes it.....


Bye Bye Now

The phonebox has gone from the centre of Irish life to the verge of extinction. Through the stories of those who remember it fondly, this film bids farewell to a dependable, handsome, upstanding member of the community. Audience Award, Best Irish Short, Cork Film Festival 2009



A girl is brutally murdered in a small Irish town. When questioned by police, Paddy gives his workmate John a cover story. However, 20 years later when John is charged with her murder, Paddy realised that his lie is now an alibi.



During the televised final of an international musical chairs competition, two competitors find love. But what happens when the music stops?


A Clown’s Requiem

A clowns' final performance isn't quite what it seems

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