During the televised final of an international musical chairs competition, two competitors find love. But what happens when the music stops?


A Clown’s Requiem

A clowns' final performance isn't quite what it seems


100 Happy Faces

A film about taking a moment to consider the simpler things in life. 200 people were asked one simple question and this film is just some of the most honest answers. Filmed at numerous locations around Ireland over summer 2009


Paranoid Fat Chick Goes To The Country

'Paranoid Fat Chick is having a wonderful long walk in the country when the day is destroyed for her by farm animals'


Club Foot 2020

The only relief from his Club Foot is clubbing. In the year 2020 special red ear phone are the path to escapism through dance and music for this otherwise suffering man.



Ever tried to race through rush hour traffic? Alleycat is a short documentary capturing an underground alleycat race through the streets of Dublin. For two minutes Kropa, a bike messenger in Dublin, shows us just what happens when the offices close and the couriers can really play.


Solo Duet

Bandytoaster first brought you Groovy Dancing Girl, now for something different - 'Solo Duet' a \live\ jazz performance with a twist!



This is the story of a guy who smuggles cigarettes from somewhere in eastern Europe to sell in Ireland so he can return home to buy a car and impress the woman that he loves.


Some One Not Like You

A note begins with one man and gets passed from person to person, but what is it all about?



Darren loves his new simulated-personality in-car computer system Veronique. And not in a particularly platonic way. However, he finds virtual love has limitations when he takes his new girlfriend up lovers lane late one night...

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