Don’t Leave Me Hanging

This short film follows Gary, a fourteen-year old boy on his journey from school to home and the people he encounters along the way. This is something he does every school day. However, today’s journey is different.


A Facebook Fatwa

A Facebook Fatwa is the story of what happens when innocent pictures on a Facebook page end up in the wrong person's hands. The short film tells the story of how one boy met one girl and ended up with a price on his head.


Rapunzel: The Blonde Years

Rapunzel is desperate to escape from her prison tower. The Handsome Prince comes to rescue her but discovers there are situations where size really does matter.


The Perils Of Internet Dating

A fast paced, two-minute comedy with a surrealist twist. A guy and a girl experience the harsh, bizarre reality of online dating. But will they find each other in a sea of distressingly bad dates?


Stay out of my bag

With the dawn of video telephone calls one would think that it would be hugely beneficial, but when a boyfriend accidentally receives a video call he finds out more than he bargained for...


The Athenrides

Three severely misguided Irish girls fancy themselves as the Next Big Thing when an ambitious manager lends a helpful, if wandering, hand in turning them into the all-singing, all dancing girl band, THE ATHENRIDES. With more delusions of grandeur than actual talent, they've got their eyes on Eurovision. It's Spinal Tap meets You're A Star!


Deer Park

A woman is chased through a dark forest by an unknown assailant but what are his intentions?



Their love can withstand anything....except a bag of chips. A short trip to the local chipper, becomes a turning point for besotted couple Dave and Hazel as a bag of chips gets in the way of their young romance.


Paranoid Fat Chick Gets Fired

When an overweight lady gets called into her boss' office to get made redundant she reacts angrily by blaming his discrimination towards her weight.


When Nuns Attack

A series of random attacks by nuns on unsuspecting victims. The nuns are on the loose. Say your prayers...

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