Paranoid Fat Chick Gets Fired

When an overweight lady gets called into her boss' office to get made redundant she reacts angrily by blaming his discrimination towards her weight.


When Nuns Attack

A series of random attacks by nuns on unsuspecting victims. The nuns are on the loose. Say your prayers...


The Wednesdays

Sometimes, when you're in the autumn of your days, you'll try anything just to put a smile on your face again. And so in this funny, sad (and sometimes wobbly) tale we meet two pensioners who manage to re-ignite the love they'd almost forgotten about. Unfortunately, the law comes knocking at their door...


Colour Contamination

A clean cut business man who is averse to all things colourful enters a waiting room filled with colourful plastic chairs and is forced to confront his worst fears.


The Rooster, The Crocodile and The Night Sky

A tale of passion, loss, surreal comedy and explosive violence. Animated in a cut-out style combining cardboard, tinfoil, paint on glass and super 8 film creating a dreamy, hand-made aesthetic.



Claire's night terrors are taking their toll on her relationship with Will. Scared he's leaving her, Claire seeks assurance that everything is fine, and that there's no monster in the bedroom...


No Regrets In The West

An intimate portrait is offered by the director of his father - Paddy Quinn.



Hoor tells the short story of three young lads paying a visit to the local prostitute in order to lose their virginity. The prostitute, Desire sizes them up, takes their money and one by one you are led to believe she gives them what they have paid for. Only with the last boy, Ciaran, clearly the youngest and most nervous, yet sweetest of the boys, do we see what Desire is really up to.


An Ranger

Conamara, 1854 - Five years after the Great Famine. After many years abroad in the service of the British Army, a soldier returns home to find that his family are all dead. He visits a neighbour to establish what happened to them. Conamara, 1854 - Cúig bhliana tar éis an Ghorta Mór. Tar éis dó roinnt mhaith blianta a chaitheamh thar lear in Airm na Breataine, filleann saighdiúir abhaile agus faigheann sé amach go bhfuil a mhuintir ar fad caillte. Tugann sé cuairt ar chomharsa le fáil amach céard a tharla dóibh.


The Man in 301

Three prisoners in each of their cells recount the story of their crimes in song, with each blaming their excesses on an accomplice, the enigmatic man in 301.

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