Of Best Intentions

Broken heats, shattered dreams and the destruction of the earth's ozone layer, Of best intentions is a film that examines the lives of five well-meaning individuals as fate decides to intervene.


Lowland Fell

Lowland is living with her workaholic Dad for the summer and she's very bored. It's the day before her 17th birthday and with little else to do she goes riding around the countryside on her scooter. Going off the beaten track leads to an unexpected discovery and an unforgettable encounter with two brothers.


God and Napoleon

James Farrell lives in Rathnally Co. Meath. He's a farmer and shares his house with just his cats. God and Napoleon is a portrait of James, a deeply religious man and an outsider in his community.


Foireann Coladh

In a darkly comic Groundhog day-like satire, a young businessman retires to a picturesque cottage in a sleepy village. It's the perfect location, quiet, beautiful and there's even a cute church across the road from him. But the quiet doesn't last long...



A young mother has suffere a mental breakdown and tries to rebuild her relationship with her daughter but things don't work out the way she planned.



A young deaf couple's screaming row goes unnoticed in a restaurant.



Atmospheric, poignant tale of a lonely farmer passing his endless days unaware of the letter that's on its way from the woman he once loved. A letter that could change his life...



Teeth is a short “last laugh” tale of two old friends, their teeth and a series of events that leaves them lost for words


The Sound of People

A story of a moment in the life of an 18-year-old boy, standing on the brink of his life and death.


A Day In The Life Of Richard

A documentary following a day in the life of Richard, a six foot penis, trying to adjust to normal society.

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