An Teanga

An absurd tale in which a lowly office clerk loses his tongue and is forced to confront the Establishment: but what is he prepared to do in a world where he can't talk and they don't listen?


The Basket Case

Ambrose is walking calmly through a Biblical storm, to buy among other things, a dead pig for his dying wife. But what is he building for her? The Basket case is a dark, twisted, comic tale of love, devotion, death and debt, set in small town Ireland.


The Blaxorcist

A black priest who has lost his soul many years ago is called upon to perform an exorcism on a young white girl who's soul has been possessed by soul.



A simply drawn tale of opening up and shutting down. A poignant reminder of youth.


The Garden of Ireland

The Garden of Ireland is a surreal tale of one of Ireland's elite murderers as he picks, plants and tends for the dead buried deep in the Wicklow mountains.


The Red Ball

A story about a purple boy, a green ball, a red ball, a green girl, a red girl, a red girl and a purple boy.


Pump Action

An unusual interview becomes an extraordinary race.


Keeping in Touch

Artist Patrick Dillon has spent alot of time in Vietnam, Somalia, Northern Ireland and Iraq. This film, made entirely with still photographs, is both a record of the artists relationship with the director and of a time in history when the world became better connected than ever before but with no one really talking to each other.



Flyboy is a quirky, magical tale following the creation of a wooden aviator and his plane. After the death of his inventor, an elderly toymaker, Flyboy is left in the back garden of the house on the hill as a weather vane. As the seasons pass he remains routed to the same spot until one fateful day a young boy finds his way into the garden.


Deep Breaths

When Danny sees Bridget, the woman he loves, getting on a train with another man he decides to follow them. What he discovers reveals a shocking truth.

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