Flyboy is a quirky, magical tale following the creation of a wooden aviator and his plane. After the death of his inventor, an elderly toymaker, Flyboy is left in the back garden of the house on the hill as a weather vane. As the seasons pass he remains routed to the same spot until one fateful day a young boy finds his way into the garden.


Deep Breaths

When Danny sees Bridget, the woman he loves, getting on a train with another man he decides to follow them. What he discovers reveals a shocking truth.


Charred and Feathered

When the man who always finishes last finds his luck is turning around his rival from across the valley will go to any measures to even up the scales.


Rolla Saor

A chance photograph Marc takes of Ruth on the beach sparks off a new found interest in photographing each other. Their mundane relationship takes a turn until the local pharmacist calls..... he needs to see them regarding their photographs.



'Bua' is this young girl's fierce will to survive, and above all else, to be free. She drives herself on, her horse beneath her, until she must set him free and in so doing, free herself.


An Créatúr

An Créatúr spans the first 15 years of Conor Buckley's life. A childhood prank leaves Conor paralysed by guilt; forcing him to correct his own mistake the only way he knows how.


An Cailleach Bheara

The Cailleach was dependent on this one thing... every hundred years she must get back to the water and immerse herself so that she might become young again.



One boy's search for a new perspective.


Blind Man’s Eye

Blind Man's Eye follows the story of an old man drifting into a revery. A crow is born from his eye and we follow the crow into the timeless space of the old man's memories, depicted as a complex three dimensional collage world.


The End Is Night

When a farmer discovers an ancient amulet with the power to destroy the world, he does what any of us would do!

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