The Faeries of Blackheath Woods

Something peculiar happened that day. Curious Melissa was enchanted by some real Faeries. Ignoring her mother, she followed them down into Blackheath Woods… and never came back.



A stranger in an unknown land braves many dangers as he strives to fulfill his function.


Building A House

A wandering dreamer attempts to cocoon himself from the harsh realities of life. He is, however, hindered at every turn by the presence of his travelling companion, the misanthropic sheep named John.


Dead Murphy

Dead Murphy An ironic tale of when Dead Murphy, so called because he's dead, meets the Man from Strabane on a dark night.



A man trapped in a corporate poster tries to escape and join the art on the opposite wall. Although he may be destroyed to make way for more advertising he is willing to risk it all for his freedom and to be with the stenciled girl who calls him over.


What If?

Our story centers on the lives and tribulations of two struggling movie stuntmen, Kevin and Dave, looking for a way out. Using their contacts, they hatch a plan to write a screenplay with \unforeseen consequences.


Last Night

Last Night is a supernatural tale that unfolds in an Irish country manor. A couple's marriage falls apart under the canopy of a much darker secret.



John discovers that not every dog is a man's best friend, when Spot invades every aspect of John's perfect life with devastating results. Faigheann Seán amach nach cara chach é an madra. Is léir do é seo nuair a chuireann Spot isteach go tubaisteach ar gach ghné de shaol Seán


The Parish Letter

This is a simple tale full of charm, dear little old ladies, shivering organists, disgruntled bell-ringers and the all-encompassing joy that is the hot water bottle.


The Sphinx

A statuette of a sphinx has an unexpected hold over a man who falls under its spell. He witnesses its transformation into a young woman as he himself turns into stone.

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