The Parish Letter

This is a simple tale full of charm, dear little old ladies, shivering organists, disgruntled bell-ringers and the all-encompassing joy that is the hot water bottle.


The Sphinx

A statuette of a sphinx has an unexpected hold over a man who falls under its spell. He witnesses its transformation into a young woman as he himself turns into stone.


Never Judge A Book

A blood-splattered cop stares down the barrel of his own revolver, his death only seconds away. A religious Zealot, Kelly, recites the Lord's Prayer, as he prepares to send the young cop to his maker.



Despite dire warnings about botched surgery and divine retribution, Doyle gets a vasectomy, then faces a nightmarish post-op journey home, where everything that can go wrong, does.


Final Journey

Isn't it a shame that everything must die, But when sweet life passes on, Where do our souls then fly?


Carte de Visite

Upon receiving a memento, an old circus personality remembers better times.


Mother’s Little Helper

Adapted from actual events, Mother's Little Helper explores a violently disintegrating marriage and the extreme lengths one mother feels she must go to in the face of harrowing abuse.


Marion agus an Banphrionsa

Ireland 1961 - Little Marion is determined to meet Princess Grace. Éire 1961 - Tá meaite ag Marion Óg buaileadh leis an mBeanphrionsa Grace.



On a stormy night, two girls and two boys drive up a dark, derelict laneway looking for thrills. Very quickly, the night turns sinister.



Una is upset. She has just discovered that the guy she was going out with was engaged to someone else. And now her story really begins...Tá Ána trí chéile. Bhí an fear a raibh sí in éineacht leis geallta le bean eile. Agus í ag obair mar aeróstach, níl le feiceail thart uirthi ach lanúnacha sonasacha ar a slí chun saoire faoin ngrian. Agus cuirtear tús d*iríre lena scéal...

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