It’s Some Kind of Voodoo

A dark and gothic fairy tale of one man's obsession gone too far... told with string puppets.



Something is growing in the silage bales in the field near you. What emerges is a blast... from the past.


Useless Dog

A witty documentary about an inept but lovable farm dog.


The Family Tree

As great oaks from small acorns grow so, in Ireland, dramatic myths spring forth from pub gossip. A short film that takes a comic look at same small town mythmaking.



A blizzard descends on an unsuspecting couple leading an isolated existence in the wilderness. Cut off from the outside world, they are forced to confront their deepest fears and suspicions.


A Woman’s Hair

Set in Corcoran's Bar at the end of the 1950s, eight-year-old Elaine is sent away from home when her mother dies. Returning to the bar several years later she discovers things have changed.


Sparky The Space Dog

Sparky attempts to make friends with a little earth dog, but the little dog has other ideas and calls Big Dog to attack Sparky.



Scarecrow is lonely, stationed in the middle of a field, guarding its content year in and year out, a lone centurion against the crows. It is this depression that drives him to do the unthinkable.



The year is 1763 when a murderous landlord vies to inherit the Rotherham estate. His crimes fall under the scrutiny of a witch who undertakes a terrible revenge against him. Sa bhliain 1763 tá tiarna talún marfach ag iarraidh teacht i dteideal ar estáit Rotherham. Cuirtear a chuid coireanna ar a suile do chailleach, a bhaineann díoltas uafásach as.


Right Now Ladies and Gentlemen

A darkly comic tale of a lonely young man who is persecuted by an over zealous pub bouncer.

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