The Marvellous Red Jumper

Bravery and fashion have been linked inextricably throughout history - a golden fleece, a technicolor dreamcoat, and none more so than a marvellous Red Jumper.


The Boy With The Ever Open Jaw

The Boy with the Ever Open Jaw lives a happy and uneventful life. Then he meets The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and nothing is ever the same again. We follow his journey, from the mountains to the sea, trying to cure his broken heart. Eventually, he meets someone willing to help him. But is it worth it?


Na Fíorghael

Ever get the feeling someone is talking about you ...? A short comedy film about language politics in modern Ireland.



A short film illustrating the wash cycle of your head - laundry while you sleep


3 Minute 4 Play

A surreal tale of desire and jealousy set in an empty white space. A lonely, frustrated young man conjures up a beautiful girl who is unwilling to satisfy his desires. The film dramatizes in an absurd way a simple conflict between the sexes.


Dick Terrapin

Set in the mid-eighties, 'Dick Terrapin' is a short black comedy, a coming-of-age story about a pet terrapin who tries everything to get his owner to hate him. Finally through a twist of fate he succeeds.


Agricultural Report

A Short Short Film. A short comedy about the bliss of ignorance.


An Leabhar

Colm MacLara is led into a dark underworld when he stumbles upon a killing in a Parisian hotel. This leads him to the last generation of professional assassins, whose tradition runs back 400 years. French Gendarmes, Gardai and the killers come to grips on the streets of Paris and Galway... Tugtar Colm MacLara isteach i saol na coiriulachta nuair a thagann se trasna ar dhunmharu in ostan i bParas rud a chuireann i dteangbhail e leis an ngluin dheireadh d'fheallmharfoiri gairmiula, a sinionn a dtraidisiun 400 bliain siar.


Dublin 1

As the face of Dublin is changing, this film embodies a moment in time. The history and its future are all there for those who wish to see it, but they are contained within a short and true animated anecdote about one man's visit to Dublin 1.


An Díog is Faide

The true story of a farm labourer, Sonnie Murphy, who gets the chance to compete in the steeplechase in the Los Angeles 1932 Olympics. But for every dream there is a price to be paid. Fíorscéal Sonnie Murphy, mac oibrí feirme a ghlac páirt i léimrás Chluichí Oilimpeacha 1932 i Los Angeles. Ach ní gan luach a fhíoraítear aon aisling.

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