Shaving the Baby

A poppty nanny. Apippity baby - a sharp razor, POP!



A charming story about Mary, an elderly woman who is full of life. Being dependant on an oxygen machine for her breathing does not prevent Mary from enjoying life. Her son and caretaker is none the wiser to Mary's youthful habits.


Nun Fight Club

Nuns have underground clubs too!


Man On Fire

An atmospheric film about a brooding character in rural Ireland who is obsessed by fire.



Luka is a nine-year-old boy fascinated by anything that flies . On his way to do an errand he steps into a timeless world of misadventure in a moment of distraction.


Cuilin Dualach

Born with his head on backwards, Cúilín Dualach has been shunned and mocked by all but his loving Mother. Then one day, he discovers he can do something better than anyone else. Rugadh Cúilín Dualach agus a chloigeann iompaithe siar air. Ábhar magaidh é do chách ach amháin a mháthair. Lá amháin, faigheann sé amach go bhfuil bua níos fearr aige ná éinne eile.


Couch Potato

What you could be doing ... if only you'd bother.


Badly Drawn Roy

Meet Roy, Ireland's only living animated character, born into an ordinary 'live action' family. Roy is intelligent but unfortunately for him he is badly drawn. His failure to gain steady employment finally leads him to Hollywood in search of fame, fortune and corrective surgery.


The Wonderful Story of Kelvin Kind

Kelvin Kind, a wonderful loser with a heart of gold, is blissfully unaware of his own loneliness. But when a beautiful girl moves into the apartment across the hall, Kelvin's solitary world is turned upside down. As he tries in vain to get the girl's attention, Kelvin is soon forced to realise that being in love isn't easy for nice guys...


Prey Alone

Agent Cain is on the hunt for an elusive unidentified killer.His only leads are a reluctant witness held in a military prison and the words 'prey alone' written in a notebook. Can Cain track him down and discover the true identity of the mysterious criminal. The chase is on.

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