An experimental and haunting epitaph to the now empty Long Kesh prison.


Waterloo Dentures

A story of doomed love, the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte and a gruesome tale from ancient history, Waterloo Dentures is an Epic in three minutes.



A computer animation expressing the universal symbol of spiritual awakening found in almost every religious tradition, the Lotus.


Celtic Maidens

Celtic Maidens celebrates the performances of those who have taken part in international beauty contests down through the years.


Yu Ming is Anim Dom

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom (My Name Is Yu Ming) is the story of a young Chinese man, who is disillusioned with his dead-end job at a supermarket. A spin of the globe leads him to choose Ireland as the destination for his new life and further research informs him that the official language of that country is Gaelic. Arriving in Dublin speaking the language, he is puzzled when nobody can understand him.


No No No

A musical comedy about the temptations on offer at parties. Based on original song by The Kevin Gildea's


Paradise Phucked

Angels in heaven revolt against a tyrannical God, demanding that they be allowed back to earth to have sex.


Nobody Home

A very short film about a dramatic day in the life of a remote answering machine


Bad Arse Bears

A frenetic night of debauchery, armed robbery, and the consumption of legal and illegal narcotic substances & eating babies - all in a night out for two stowaway bears.


Ballygick & Shpittle

Fred, a huge and happy fellow, takes a walk in the local haunted woods and encounters the monstrous creature that dwells there - a giant rabbit! Will he be flattened by the terrible monster or can he dance his way out of trouble?

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