Night Out

This short of powerful imagery takes us through traits of human behaviour that everybody will recognize, be proud of or completely deny. This is a fun scenario depicting a woman and a man on that action adventure Saturday night out with friends. The images will be used to poke fun at both parties, provide light entertainment and even throw a little romance into the mix.



The shop mannequin sees endless activity that passes for human existence. People fill their time moving, talking, shopping and looking. They gaze listlessly in at him and he stare impassively back. He is aching for their chance to live, imploring them to make the most of their freedom, outraged that they do not.


Red Bugs

A cold war, film noir, alien invasion, redneck retribution, psychological suspense thriller musical in three minutes flat.


Toilet Humour

Bill Shanks, an edgy political comedian fights to enlighten his potty-mouthed audience, to the dismay of his manager.


Sex, Booze and a Sheep Named John: Crimescene

When a strange woollen man comes to the aid of a hapless bank-robber the ensuing crime spree prompts this urgent appeal for help from the forces for law and order.


All God’s Children

In 1850's Ireland, a prisoner is taken to bleak marshland to reveal the burial place of his last victim.


When Bridie Called Gerry

An elderly lady caller phones a well know radio show to retell the unusual events surrounding her honeymoon on the Isle of Man


The Angelus

Take the time to pause and reflect as the Angelus bells ring...



When Zack listens to a recording of a murdered man describing his last moments he is horrified to realise that exactly the same sequence of events is now happening to him.


Cáca Milis

Teagmháil chinniúnach idir bean óg agus fear dall ar thraein. Bíonn sise ag iarraidh a leabhar a léamh, is mian leisean dreas comhrá a dhéanamh. Tuigeann sise nach dtabharfaidh sé aon suaimhneas di. Tosaíonn cantal ag teacht uirthi...

A chance encounter on a train between a young woman and a blind man. She wants to read her book, he wants to chat. She realises that he won't leave her alone. She starts to get annoyed...

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