When Zack listens to a recording of a murdered man describing his last moments he is horrified to realise that exactly the same sequence of events is now happening to him.


Cáca Milis

Teagmháil chinniúnach idir bean óg agus fear dall ar thraein. Bíonn sise ag iarraidh a leabhar a léamh, is mian leisean dreas comhrá a dhéanamh. Tuigeann sise nach dtabharfaidh sé aon suaimhneas di. Tosaíonn cantal ag teacht uirthi...

A chance encounter on a train between a young woman and a blind man. She wants to read her book, he wants to chat. She realises that he won't leave her alone. She starts to get annoyed...


Pullin’ The Devil

A black goat talks to three old Irish folk-punks as they're walking home one night, and they freak out and kill it. The Devil turns up and claims it was his goat. He challenges them to play him a good song. If he likes it, he'll let them go. If he doesn't...


Fifty Percent Grey

Sgt. Cray wakes up alone, with only his gun, a wide-screen tv, and a lot of spare time, his options become increasingly limited... Sgt. Cray has all the time in the world to do very little... Eternal peace and tranquility isn't all it's cracked up to be. Life can play cruel tricks on people. So can Death. In the end, it all averages out in shades of grey. In death, there is no black and white.


Iníon an Fhiaclóra

Castlequinn is the setting for this surreal comedy - a village owned and controlled by the dentist Quinn. New kid Rory falls in love with the dentist's daughter Genie, and discovers painfully that falling in love can mean losing not only your teeth but your life.... Ta Caislean Ui Chuinn i seilbh agus faoi smacht aon fhir amhain, an Fiacloir O'Cuinn. Titeann ogfhear nua, Rory, i ngra le hinion an fhiaclora Genie, agaus faigheann se amach go gcuireann an gra a fhiacla, agus fiu a shaol i mbaol.


Filleann an Feall

Two Dubs, Sean and Ger, get wind of the proverbial pot of gold and what should be a straight-forward job becomes a fiasco. But, there's an old Irish saying - 'Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire - What goes around comes around'. Gaigheann beirt Sean and Ger, amach faoin saibhreas ata le fail go heasca in iarthar na hEireann. Teann an rud ar cheart do a bheith ina sheift direach gan dua in aimhreidh nuair a thugtar cul don reasun agus go dtagann an tsaint chun tosaigh. Ach, is ann don seanfhocal Gaeilge - 'Filleann an feall ar an bhfeallaire'


Give Up Yer Aul Sins

More than 30 years ago, young Dublin children were recorded on a battered tape recorder as they gave their interpretation of stories from the bible. The story of John the Baptist, is told by a little girl with great passion and an obvious delight in the telling of it....



A sharply satirical comedy of Northside Dublin kids improvising wildly to impress the visiting Irish language examiner.

Tá an scrúdú béil á chur ar dhaltaí I bPobalscoil I dtuaisceart Bhaile Átha Cliath. Cé nach bhfuil caighdeán na Gaeilge ró iontach éiríonn leo cumarsáid a dhéanamh.



Tá a sciar féin den Tíogar Ceilteach ag teastáil ó bheirt mach léinn a dhéanann taifead ar fhuaimeanna aibhneacha na hÉireann le díol le Gael-Mheiriceánaigh. Ach cloistear tairngreacht go bhfuil deireadh an domhain buailte linn. An imaginative fable about two students' get rich quick scam to sell the sounds of Irish rivers to Irish-Americans goes wrong when a mysterious prophet visits from the past.



1982, Cork. Roy is 11, small and sure he's going to get on his club's starting team. Even if no one else is. 

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