Several years have passed since the suicide of his long-term girlfriend, and David is now in a new relationship. But a chance encounter with the dead woman's sister raises complex questions about his complicity in her death.


Analogue People in a Digital Age

On the day that Ireland's analogue television network is replaced by a digital signal, eight men in a bar battle to survive in the new world, the TV in the corner a harbinger of this technological future



ALIA IS an Afghan-Irish girl torn between two lives. When her secret relationship with an Irish boy comes to her sister's attention, it forces the family to make a decision that could ultimately tear it apart.


Needle Exchange

Two recovering drug addicts practice tattooing on each other and find over time that they mark each other in more ways than merely the physical.


The Meaning of Eggistence

A man is attacked by a swan and subsequently gives birth to an egg. He grows to love the egg and looks after it until the day it hatches.



A young man is on the brink of emigration in James Stacey's animated short ORIGIN. But as he races through the streets of Dublin he comes to realise the spirit he is leaving behind.


Riders to the Sea

'Ireland, I Love You' Short Film. A surfing duel breaks out between a male and female surfer off the West Coast of Ireland. Breaking waves, racing hearts, and the treachery of Lycra.


An Rinceoir

'Ireland, I Love You' short film. At a feis, a young dancer waits nervously in the wings. Once on stage, however, she shines, demonstrating her grá for Irish dancing.


Un Peu Plus

Proud Madame Rousseau embarks on an epic journey to eat cakes with sweet abandon. But life has some bittersweet lessons to teach her.


Breakfast Wine

They say it takes just three alcoholics to keep a small bar running in a country town, but what if you’ve only got two?

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