Pensioner Tommy Fogarty wants to impress his new lady friend by baking a cake, but finds a gang of feral teenage girls have other ideas…



A young couple trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world… a world of the paranormal, or perhaps insanity.


The End of the Counter

The End of the Counter captures the moment in 1965 when grocery shopping changed forever. Matt Melia transformed the experience when he put baskets in the hands of Irish housewives and gave them the run of the shop. With the birth of the supermarket, suddenly self-control was a vital commodity!


Home Turf

From the makers of the award winning BYE BYE NOW, HOME TURF is a visual celebration of the dying craft of turf cutting. While the old men carry out their simple tradition with good humour and determination, the film explores the battle between man and machine, the inevitability of progress and the rich benefits of old fashioned community life.


Two Wheels, Good

Combining live action and animation, four inspiring veterans of the open road celebrate life in the saddle.


Tríd An Stoirm

A bereft widow forces a Banshee to take her to the underworld to rescue her husband.


The Tree

A weary man struggles through an arid world desperate for food, until he finds a distant apple tree.


The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden

An inventor takes an unorthodox approach to child rearing.


The Girl

Following another devastating miscarriage, a couple move to a new life in the west of Ireland. Left alone in the old house, emotionally fragile, Sophie finds a starving young girl wandering the area and all her maternal instincts surface. But is the girl a blessing or a curse?


State of Suspension

A meditation on loss, State of Suspension explores the fragility of the human condition, frozen somewhere between life and death. Shot with a high-speed camera, a human figure and water defy the laws of gravity. The film directly investigates core aspects of physical matter and time.

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