On Departure

A lone traveler makes his way through an airport before accepting his final destination.


Nouakchott Rocks

The film focuses on the neighbourhood of Tevragh Zeina in Nouakchott, Mauritania: football is played on the Saharan sand, ladies and gents busy about their daily affairs, a Berber tent and a factory producing hand-made concrete blocks of the steady growing city. The film begins with dawn and ends with a sandstorm; a day in the life of the hood.


Learning to Fish

When the summer is over, the urban seagull has to learn to catch fish.



Nicola is in hospital after giving birth. When her school friend Tess comes to visit, Nicola is forced, by her mother, to introduce her new born daughter Joy, who lived for seven hours.


Irish Folk Furniture

An animated documentary about repair and recycling in an Irish village.


I Can’t See You Anymore

Having woken up from a coma after an accident, psychotherapist Aidan Clifford, is forced to confront the consequences of his own actions.



A film about how our lives are shaped by the homes in which we grew up. To what extent are we defined by the homes into which we were born? Our first living space, though we have no say as to what or where it may be, may cast a shadow over the rest of our lives. For better or worse, it can form a key part of our identity, affecting how others see us and how we see ourselves.


Here To Fall

When a girl receives a call from her father, she is set on a frantic journey through a chaotic world.



Doug is having a very bad day. Terminally broke, and facing eviction, he's charged by his estranged partner, Julie, with the task of looking after his son, Billy, for the day; while simultaneously having to get shot of the family dog - Billy's best and only friend. Welcome to the doghouse.


Barry’s Bespoke Bakery

Barry's Bespoke Bakery is a lavish wonderland of refined cakes, owned by the fastidious pâtissier, Barry, where everything has it's place; except for his talented employee, Brian.

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