The Monk and The Fly

A contented Monk relaxes under a shady Banyan tree on a peaceful summer's day. What could possibly go wrong?


The Invention of the Light Bulb

Edison has a bright idea


Special Ed

Two parents fret over the lack of services and facilities available to their special needs son. They're finding it hard to cope with the trouble caused by his unusual 'disability'.


Spanx & Eve

‘Spanx & Eve’ is a parody of the preparation rituals of Brides as they tug, scoop, jiggle, hitch and slide their way into the underwear from hell!


Ol One Eye

An old man gets a new glass eye, however this is not your standard prosthetic. To his amazement he discovers that he can in fact see with his new eye. While out walking, following this discovery, he does what anyone else with a magic glass eye would do - a little spying!


Daylight Saving Time

Mark's wife was killed due to corporate negligence. On the night the clocks go back, he takes his revenge.



A lone man's quest to find his true love in a busy paper metropolis. Will he find the Papergirl he hopes for? This is the story of Paperman.



As the usual life of a shop window mannequin comes to a close, we follow her bizarre journey from certain destruction to second life.


The Night Nurse

A nurse doing the graveyard shift on a psychiatric ward searches frantically for a missing patient, only to discover the terrible truth behind the disappearance.


Return to Roscoff

Gayle, a single mother, has been coming to terms with her life since suffering a brain injury. She has been left with an inability to produce language. Her relationship with Luc, her headstrong redheaded 8-year-old, has become increasingly difficult. This is the story of Gayle’s attempt to introduce her son to his father. Return to Roscoff is an Irish/French co-production between Venom Films (Ireland) and Requiem Films (France).

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