The end of a relationship and a 30-tonne articulated lorry hurtling down a deserted motorway at night; Flatbed is not a conventional love story.


As the Light Leaks In

A little girl uses a cardboard television set to create her own impression of the world and to escape the turbulent and often violent relationship of her parents.


Collaboration Horizontale

On August 18th 1944, famed photographer Robert Capa took a picture of a mob in Chartres, France, descending on a woman who bore a child to a German soldier. Sixty five years on, this documentary aims to unravel the mystery of that woman’s story and answer the question of what happened to that child born at a crossroads in history.


Crossing Salween

Along the Thai border in the Karen state of Eastern Burma, where the Karen people have been persecuted by the Ruling Military Junta for decades, a young Karen girl named Ko Reh finds herself orphaned after the massacre of her village by the army.


Granny O’Grimms Sleeping Beauty

Oscar Nominated - Best Short Animation. Granny O'Grimm, a seemingly sweet old lady, loses the plot as she tells her version of Sleeping Beauty to her terrified granddaughter.


Guns, Bees and Tadpoles

Set in seventies Northern Ireland, a summer's day takes a turn to the extraordinary for a normal family in not so normal times.


Forty Foot

'Forty Foot' is a documentary which looks at the '40 foot' swimming spot in Sandycove, Dublin and the people who have been swimming there for years through snow, gales or sunny mornings. Best Film, International Documentary Challenge, Hot Docs Toronto 2009, Best Irish Short Doc - Audience Award, Stranger Than Fiction 2009


T’Was A Terrible Hard Work

Tipperary miners from the Slieveardagh coal fields describe their life and work underground. They speak of accidents, water, hard work and death.


The Polish Language

'The Polish Language' is a film-poem about the subversive power of Art and the renewal of Poetry in the whispery language of Polish. Its visual style is based on the underground publications in Poland in the 1970s and 1980s.



Tedium breeds its own reverie. Here becomes like there, becomes like could be anywhere. This forms a coincidence with the generic: repetitions erode a sense of place and make buildings seem less substantial.

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