An Bonnán Buí

This film is a lament to the Bonnán Buí (the yellow bittern), a bird that died for the want of a drink. Set on a cold New Year's Eve in South Connemara, a man decides to leave his lonely house and join his fellow human beings in seeing out the old year. The yellow bittern is left to the elements a...



A ten-minute animated film which imagines how a documentary might have looked, some 50 years before cinema photography was invented, chronicling the famine in Ireland....


Duck Ugly

The world of nursery rhymes has turned on its head. The three little pigs are monsters, the old woman who lives in a shoe has sold her children into slavery and pieces of Humpty Dumpty still lie scattered all over the road. Duck Ugly and his motley army stage a mutiny.......


Ship of Fools

This film examines the nature of sectarianism by chronicling the adventures of Captain Baldy, skipper of an ill-fated vessel, as he navigates the Northern seas, picking up marooned souls who are clinging desperately to the relics of their absolute beliefs and outdated cultural divisions....


The Kings Wake

It's the feast of Samhain and in ancient Ireland on the eve of his murder, King Conor MacNessa is alone with his memories. His legend is called into question by the ghosts of his past, including those he destroyed. He now seeks forgiveness and redemption, but can the hero warrior of Ulster forsake h...

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