Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill –Taibhsí I Mbéal Na Gaoithe

Is dlúth-phortráid í Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill - Taibhsí i mBéal na Gaoithe den bhfile seo a bhfuil a saothar go mór chun tosaigh in Éireann. Fiosraíonn an scannán seo scéal a beatha agus na mórthéamaí ina cuid dánta. Trí agallaimh macánta faighimid sár-léargas ar an mbean seo, ar a sc...


Murder On Main St

The inside story of the Provisional IRA murder of Detective Jerry McCabe in Adare Co. Limerick in 1996 and the personal and political aftermath for the McCabe family....


Monica : La Reina Del Condon

Monica : The Quen of Condoms Monika Krause, a young citizen of the GDR, falls in love with a Caribbean captain. Twenty years later, as Fidel Castro's Education Minister, she sets the sexual revolution in motion. Krause fights for a woman's right to her own body, sexual fulfillment and abortion and a...



Metamorphosis is set in a world that is in a constant state of flux. The film moves between scenes of stormy chaotic landscapes to snow filled interiors, from violent angry seas to flooded rooms. There is a feeling of threat throughout the film. It depicts a world in a perpetual state of transformat...


Here To Stay

Here To Stay tells a timely story about the human side of labour migration into Ireland. The story focuses on Filipino nurse, Fidel Taguinod, over a two-year period wherein he enacts the roles of nurse, migrant activist and bakla (gay) performer. A series of migrantled events illustrate the politica...


Experimental Conversations

A film-essay examining some of the major concepts and practices in contemporary image-making. Critics and practitioners such as Nicole Brenez, Philippe Grandrieux, Gerard Byrne, Malcolm Le Grice, Clare Langan, Grace Weir, Vivienne Dick, FJ Ossang and Jackie Raynal explore the cross-pollination of id...


Exile In Hell

Tasmania 1822. Alexander Pearce from Co. Monaghan and seven other transported convicts made a bid for freedom from Sarah Island in Maquarie Harbour - considered the most notorious and brutal penal colony in the British Empire. Escaping through terrain that to this day remains unexplored, the men res...


Donal Lunny:Following The Music

Never before the subject of an in depth documentary film treatment this programme will for the first time present an intimate portrait of Donal Lunny, the artist, the man and his music, and his early realisation that traditional music would be the source and inspiration of his life as a creative art...



Cuntas ó fhinnéithe súl ar fheachtas Óglaith na hÉireann i dTuaisceart na hÉireann ó 1956 go 1962. Ag tosú le sraith ruathar dána ar thóir arm, íslíonn an cogadh eadarnaíoch de dheasca easpa tacaíochta, ach fanann an IRA le chéile, ullamh don gcéad fheachtas eile. Eye witness’ acco...


Children Of Allah

This film explores the consequences of the Islamic culture of polygamy on the lives of young boys by observing their daily routines in an orphanage in southern India. The boys, in the absence of a family have formed their own. “This portrait was made very successful due to the coherence betwee...

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