Guns and Chiffon

Guns and Chiffon commemorates the 80th anniversary of the internment of 550 women imprisoned by the Irish Free State because they would not surrender their ideal of the Irish Republic. The film tells the story of the fight for national independence, from the 1916 rising, through to the War of Indepe...


Eamonn, Banty and the Paratrooper

Bloody Sunday in Derry was a cataclysmic day in the lives of Eamonn, Banty and Private 027. Each had a markedly different experience of an event that has haunted their lives for 30 years. With archive footage and contemporary filming the director, who was a personal witness to the actual event, will...


The Empire of Juramidam

When religion is losing its grip in the western world, along comes a church that guarantees an encounter with the Divine. The Empire of Juramidam is a haunting exploration about Christianity's strangest offspring - the Santo Daime Church, aka Church of the Eclectic Universal Flowing Light. Their cer...


Dust Devils

Far out on a vacant expanse of the Nevada Desert, USA, 25,000 people gather once a year late in August to experience, Burning Man. Dust Devils makes a visually flamboyant journey through the life and meaning of the world's most conceptually unique community arts festival....


Cosc Ar Ghnéas/A Ban On Sex

In the puritanical 1940s, Ireland banned two Irish classics - Frank O'Connor's The Midnight Court, a translation of the Gaelic sexual satire of Brian Merriman, and The Tailor and Ansty, Eric Cross's account of an earthy rural couple, as indecent and obscene. What was so shocking about these books? H...



For the kids who find themselves in New York's failing public school system, sport can be one way out of the ghetto. Martin Jacobson, former heroin addict, is coach to New York's immigrant soccer hopefuls, kids from Ghana, Jamaica, Senegal, who have come to Martin's school because they heard about t...


Cinegael Paradiso

CINEGAEL is an independent cinema set up by filmmaker Bob Quinn in the 1970's, in which his son, the director Robert Quinn, lived as a child. The film focuses on the contribution the cinema made to the cultural life of the community, but also to the Irish film industry itself, acting as a home for, ...


Bezad's Last Journey

With unprecedented access to one of the most secretive countries on Earth, this film follows Bezad, a charismatic Qashqa'i nomad, on his spectacular annual journey across Iran. Seen through the eyes of this humble mountain shepherd, this film reveals a unique aspect of Iranian life, almost never see...


Battle of the Bogside

On 12 August 1969, the disaffected Catholic and Nationalist population in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland took to the streets to confront the Royal Ulster Constabulary, in the wake of a protestant Apprentice Boys parade in the City. The riots, which came to be known as the 'Battle of the...


Today is Better than two Tomorrows

Filmed over the course of 4 years in a unknown corner of Laos, South East Asia, Today is Better Than Two Tomorrows tells the simple story of friendship between two boys, Leh and Bo, who leave home at age eleven to become novice monks. Gently unfolding like a Buddhist fable, this intimate and meditat...

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