Exile Files

The Irish émigré were the first modern, mass immigration experienced in France. This groundbreaking film uses new historic research, including original letters and journals to trace their story. Why was it that some migrants survived while others disappeared? Why do we never hear about the poor cl...


Blind Vision

Richard Moore's world went dark on May 4th 1972 when he was struck by a rubber bullet fired by a British soldier. Now, 33 years later, there is a possibility that Richard may regain his eyesight due to advances in medical technology. Losing his sight was the single most significant event of Richard'...


Abbas Kiarostami: the Art of Living

A unique film essay on the world-renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. The film is framed around two interviews with Kiarostami, one on the Aran Islands where he went to photograph in July 2001 and the other at the Cannes Film Festival 2002. Intercut with these are interpretations of his work...


Is Mise An Teanga

This documentary explores the Gaelic language, its contemporary poets and their encounters with over a hundred visual artists and nine calligraphers in An Leabhar Mor (The Great Book of Gaelic), a Book of Kells for our time. The film travels from the Outer Hebrides to inner city Dublin, from Connema...


Sundays in Ireland

Sundays In Ireland is a documentary comprising of four individual 13-minute films from four different directors. It focuses on events that are synonymous with the œday of rest¹, the religious practices and recreational pursuits....


Rebel Frontier

Two groups of impoverished emigrants from the edges of Europe, the Irish and Finns, buried their ethnic rivalries in a united struggle for social justice on the US mining frontier. Rebel Frontier reveals a forgotten chapter in American history, when a coalition of radicalised Finnish and Irish miner...


If You’re Not In, You Can’t Win!

A documentary about the Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes, which became the most famous and the most valuable lottery in the world, selling tickets in more than 150 countries and lasting from 1930 to 1987. Using fascinating archive footage and interviews from primary sources, this film looks behind the im...


Tin Town

In the summer of 1940, a hastily built internment camp on the Curragh of Kildare opened its gates to receive the first of over a thousand captured IRA men. For the next six years, they were suppressed and completely isolated from Irish society. It was to be the last battle of the civil war as the IR...


Dracula's Bram Stoker

Breaking the coded silence that surrounds Bram Stoker, the creator of one of literature's most chilling and unforgettable characters, this documentary gives a unique understanding of the warring elements in his nature and sexuality that led him to write this masterpiece of the Gothic horror novel, D...


Tomás na nAmhrán

All through the 1980's the people of Conamara danced to the songs of Tom a t'Seoighe, which were written in Irish and set to Country and Western tunes. Tom a t'Seoighe remained a shadowy figure, never performing his own songs. In Tomás na nAmhrán he at last breaks his long silence....

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