The Cleggan Disaster

In October of 1927, an enormous storm hit the west coast of Ireland without warning. In one hour forty-five men in small open boats were drowned. This film traces the devastating impact on the small communities this disaster affected. Without the men, the boats, and the nets, many families were left...


Bang! You’re Dead

The remarkable story of Tom Pey, a high-flying investment banker, who learned that he would go blind virtually overnight as a result of a freak childhood accident. Bang! You're Dead charts his struggle, through despair, depression and alcohol abuse, to re-invent himself and find a place in the world...


Tunnel Vision

Mike Casey spent six months living in the Glen of the Downs forest with the environmentalists who were protesting Wicklow County Council's plan to upgrade the N11 roadway via a designated nature reserve. "an acutely observed chronicle" Liam Fay, the Sunday Times...


Tell Me Captain Strange

UFOs are not simply the product of the imaginations of the desert states of USA, but hover and dash with frequency across the dreary grey skies of Ireland, so say a plethora of witnesses from very different backgrounds and from all corners of Ireland. That there are UFOs flying over Ireland is a cl...


Shamrock and Swastica

An examination of the nature and extent of the Irish Republican Army's links with the German state prior to and during World War II, a liaison characterised mainly by lunacy, mistrust and poor communication....


Seven Days

After receiving numerous omens relating to events in Ireland in 1985 when three young children reported meeting and talking with the Virgin Mary, Paulo Coelho sets off on a pilgrimage accompanied by Liam McGrath, a relative of two of the visionaries, in an attempt to uncover the truth behind these c...


Road II

Road II re-visits The Road To God Knows Where, a landmark film about young people in 1988, pre-Celtic Tiger Ireland, a time of unemployment and emigration. In search of those people and places, this rough and ready gauge assesses the mood of Ireland today, of what happened to those young people and ...


Hit and Run

Hit and Run is a dance drama for film, centred on one night in the life of eight 'underworld' characters. They meet in a large derelict building, with no apparent limits, a maze of corridors, stairs, halls, machinery, cathedral-like vaults and dark pits like futuristic dungeons. But it is also a pla...


Harry Clarke

Controversial artist Harry Clarke represents a fascinating collision of Church, State and art. His mystical stained glass and shocking book illustrations caused a stir in early 20th century Ireland and still hold a powerful sway today. This film traces his prolific but short life, culminating in ...


Ballroom of Dreams

For almost forty years the National Ballroom in Dublin's Parnell Square was the premier dancing venue for young people. Through the war years, the jiving 50's, the showbands of the 60's and the discos of the 70's, the National was a place where people came looking for love. While many summers have p...

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