Sonny Days

A personal recollection of the changing ways of shop-keeping, told through the eyes of the 'King' of Galway's High street - Sonny Molloy......



A three part series debating women's roles in Irish society since the 1920's - a history told as often from the sidelines as from the centre....


Harvest Emergency

An archival documentary chronicling an extraordinary few weeks in 1946 when fear of hunger, not felt since the Great Famine, united the nation in an effort to save Ireland's harvest....


From Dusk ‘til Dawn

Jazz music was originally almost exclusively 'Negro' and while audiences applauded the genius of black musicians, the clubs where they performed would not even serve them a drink. This jazz odyssey follows the footsteps of musicians of differing colour, creed and nationality who gather each year for...



'I have here the testimony, as yet unspoken, by the Galway Pope lovers whose hearts are broken' Based on Ian Kilroy's powerful poem depicting the generation that grew up in Ireland since Pope John Paul's historic visit in 1979....


Allah & Alcuin

Ireland, traditionally called a Celtic country, is like many an island, racially a mixum gatherum of immigrants from all corners of the compass. Following on from Atlantean, this documentary investigates the Viking connection....


Sai Baba – Strange Avatar

A colourful portrait of the man who declares that he is the human incarnation of the Hindu deities Siva and Sakti, Christ returned, the Maitreya of Buddhism and the Messiah for the Jews. Millions of devotees and pilgrims approach Sai Baba annually in the small Indian town of Puttaparthi. Once aske...


Going to the Sun

Going to the Sun juxtaposes the conservationist tribal culture of the Native Americans with the individualistic acquisitive pioneering spirit with its need to tame and dominate the land. The narrator tells the story of the Blackfoot people, their spirituality, their sufferings and the eventual purch...


Dear Daughter

"I wanted to find my Dad and say 'see what I'm suffering for the like of you'." The unwanted child from a relationship between a Nigerian medical student and a married Dublin woman, Christine Buckley was abandoned at three weeks and subsequently brought up in Goldenbridge orphanage where life for h...


A State of Independence

They're young, Irish and poor - yet they run one of the liveliest indie record companies in London on a shoestring. From an anonymous council flat on a run-down housing estate, an ex-pat Irishman is smuggling Irish musical talents into England and then exporting it to the rest of the world. If it's ...

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