The Uncle Jack

The Uncle Jack is a cinematic self portrait by film-maker John T. Davis, dedicated to the cinema architect John McBride Neill, his uncle Jack, who unwittingly gave him his means of expression: cinema. Through a mixture of archive, reminiscence and dramatic reconstruction, the film explores the power...


The Moon On My Back

Based on Pat Tierney's autobiography of the same name, this is the remarkable story of a man who has battled against all the odds in life. His youth brought him from orphanages to Christian Brother schools to detention centres and, ultimately, jail. Travels in America introduced him to intravenous d...


Sean Keating – The Pilgrim Soul

Sean Keating is, alongside Jack Yeats, one of the most highly regarded Irish painters of the century. In a long and productive career he passed through many phases and often reflected the rapidly evolving society in which he lived. In this documentary, Sean's son, Justin Keating, whose career in Tel...


More than a Sacrifice

The calling of a cease-fire by the IRA in August 1994 was more than simply a political act for many long term republican activists - it required a whole new mentality and outlook. The film explores the impact of peace on the lifestyles and outlooks of activists and investigates how they see their li...


Male Rape

Male Rape is an in-depth, nationwide study of male rape and male sexual abuse in Ireland through the first hand experiences of victims and survivors....


Irish Cinema: Ourselves Alone

Marking 1995 as the centenary of cinema, Donald Taylor Black's documentary examines Irish film-making in a decade when Ireland is going through a highly significant period of creativity and growth in cultural self-confidence. The film makes connections and contrasts, illuminates parallels and contin...

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