A Mother Brings her Son to be Shot

One night Majella O'Donnell took her teenage son Philly to be shot in both legs.

Majella, Philly and his shooters all live within an extraordinary community in Derry, Northern Ireland.

The “Troubles” officially ended in 1998 but this community is still at war. They...


  • Derry, Northern Ireland

A Dog Called Money

As imaginative as the creative process it documents, A DOG CALLED MONEY is a uniquely intimate journey through the inspiration, writing and recording of a PJ Harvey record.

Writer and musician Harvey and award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy, hatched a collaboration. Seeking first-hand...

Main Cast:

  • PJ Harvey


  • Kosovo
  • Washington DC, USA
  • Afghanistan
  • London, UK


Bringing us to a unique place beyond the reach of television and politics, Gaza presents a portrait of a group of eloquent, funny, resilient, courageous and above all ordinary people who attempt to lead meaningful lives beyond the rubble of perennial conflict.



Best Before Death

Bill Drummond, famed for his work with 1980s British electronic band, The KLF, has left music behind to become a concept artist, sculpting a community around his mundane tasks.

Through humour, provocation, causing a furore, moving people to tears or by going unnoticed, Bill probes the age...


Prisoners of the Moon

Featuring a combination of archive material and re-enactment, Prisoners of the Moon reveals the story of a German Nazi V-2 rocket engineer who, after World War II, was brought to the United States where he became one of the main developers of the U.S. space program.



Snake Dance

Two experienced storytellers, filmmaker Manu Riche and writer Patrick Marnham, join forces to tell the story of the invention of the atomic bomb and its unintended consequences in todays world. From booming New Mexico to war-stricken Congo and earthquake-devastated Japan, Snake Dance offers a compel...

Main Cast:

  • Patrick Marnham

Saving the Titanic

Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Saving the Titanic seeks to answer the question of what happened in the engine and boiler rooms after the collision that fateful night. Based on eye witness accounts, this is the remarkable story of self-sacrifice in the face of im...

Main Cast:

  • David Wilmot, Ciaran McMenamin, Hugh O'Conor, Stephen Hogan

Very Extremely Dangerous

Jerry Mc Gill, the last American outlaw, is 70, three jail terms behind him and staring death in the face when he gets one last chance at musical immortality - will he take it, or will he go out in a blaze of guns, police, drugs and ragged glory?...


Men At Lunch

Fé mar a tháinig an obair thógála ar an bhFoirgneamh GE, gréagan láir Ionad Rockerfeller i Nua Eabhrac, chun deiridh sa fhómhair 1932, tógadh grianghraf dubh agus bán ar an 69ú urlár. Léiríonn Men At Lunch an scéal daonna taobh thiar de cheann de na híomhánna is íocónaí den 20ú a...


Night Dancers

Tabu Flo are Uganda's hottest hip-hop dance crew. Fuelled by dreams of global recognition they create a show about the Nightdancers, a secret sub-culture of cannibals said to be possessed by a powerful traditional spirit. As the group are invited to London to perform at the UK's biggest hip-hop d...

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