Apples Of Golan

Israel is their home, Syria their homeland. Neither is paradise. The epic story of a village turned prison full of rappers, rockers and regimes, salsa dancers, holy men and dead fish, traitors, lovers, freedom fighters and their heartbroken mothers set against the backdrop of the revolution ragin...



A film about the perils, pitfalls and pleasures of growing up in Romania's communist propaganda industry. This is a history of a European country, told through the eyes of one person and her family, and through the medium of the world of films and propaganda in which she lived and worked. It is the ...


What We Leave In Our Wake

A filmic essay which unfolds as a series of conversations on Ireland, exploring themes such as emigration, mythology, consumerism, socialism, the sense of a civic society, the place of the church in Irish life, the central role of land in Irish history. Combining images of contemporary Ireland with ...


The Liberties

The film equivalent of a portrait gallery, The Liberties is a series of intimate vignettes, each focusing on a different character within Dublin's Liberties community. From the man who raised seven daughters in a two bedroom flat, to the Oscar-winning actress who would not live anywhere else in the ...


Stand Up: My Best Friend

Stand Up: My Best Friend is a documentary assembled from a series of interviews given by young Irish LGBT individuals and their straight best friend. The documentary is a tender mood piece that illustrates a radically different Ireland than that is normally perceived or propagated overseas. It is...


Off The Beaten Track

Off The Beaten Track chronicles a world, untouched for centuries, struggling with profound change. Since joining the EU, Romanians have been free to work as agricultural labourers and can earn more in one month than a year in their traditional occupation as shepherds. The films follows Albin, a t...


Men of Arlington

Men of Arlington documents the lives of residents of London's Arlington House, which housed thousands of Irishmen who fled Ireland in the 1950's in search of work. These men dug the roads and rebuilt Britain after the war. For most, Arlington offered a bed for a few nights as they established the...


Patrick Ireland

On the 20th May 2009, the 80 year old artist Brian O'Doherty came back to Ireland from New York to kill and bury his alter ego Patrick Ireland on the grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art in a resonant and emotional ceremony attended by over 500 people. Patrick Ireland had been created over 35 ...


Martin Hayes In 5 Ways

A vibrant, intimate and vivid portrait of one of Ireland's most significant musical talents, fiddle maestro Martin Hayes. As Hayes plays on the world stage, the film examines his shaping influences and looks and how his collaborations involve traditional and contemporary idioms. It provides an orig...


Living Colour

Living Colour is a film about an abstract watercolour painter who takes three and a half minutes to climb into a van, a chatterbox stone carver with the shakes, a woman who colours her dreams, a precision ink-drawer who stares into fires, a diminutive sage who makes politically satirical animations ...

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