An Paiste Beo Bocht (Child of the Dead End)

Léargas samhlaíoch ar shaol Patrick MacGill, file, úrscéalaí agus 'navvy', a úsáideann ábhar cartlainne agus drámaíocht chun saol MacGill a iniúchadh trína scríbhneoireacht dírbheathaisnéiseach. Leanann an scannán faisnéise seo a thuras ó bheith ina spailpín fíor-bhocht i nDún...


A Very British Gangster

An all access film inside one of Britain's most dangerous crime families. For the first time, a gang of contemporary criminals open their lives to reveal a brutal world and an underclass which relies upon gangsters for justice, rather than police. ...


A Subtle Movement of Air

A Subtle Movement of Air looks at the inspirational friendship between a Dane and an Icelander in the context of providing a social service for the disabled. It draws on the achievements of the Danish model of home help care which is regarded as the best in the world as it provides the maximum inde...


A Boatload of Wild Irishmen

Bhí Robert Flaherty, fócas an scannáin seo, ina athair ar an scannán faisnéise, agus ar dhuine de na daoine ba mhó a raibh tionchar acu ar chúrsaí cineama. Ba é an chéad duine a léirigh go bhféadfaí scéalta drámatúla agus siamsúla a dhéanamh as scannáin faoi shaol laethúil an 'gh...


Till the Tenth Generation

For almost 60 years Tomi Reichental was silent about his experiences in the Nazi death camp of Bergen Belsen. Now, as the ranks of Holocaust survivors dwindle, Tomi has found his voice and returns for the first time to the place where he witnessed as a nine-year-old, the annihilation of tousands thr...

Main Cast:

  • Tomi Reichental


  • Dublin, Meath

The Trial

In 1998 in western Kosovo, 37 people were found dead in a concrete canal. A decade later, Ramush Haradinaj - the former Prime Minister of Kosovo - was wrongly accused of their murder. Now, in The Hague, a small team of lawyers are engaged in a battle to prove the innocence of a man they have come t...



"Man is least himself when he speaks in his own person, give him a mask and he will tell you the truth." Oscar Wilde The tenderness, almost love vittoria shows towards these misfits turned Identities into a triumph" Helen Lucy Burke, Film Critic. Charting the multicoloured, multicultural transgen...

Main Cast:

  • Fabio Ferri, Lenny Dale, Shani Williams, Lee Stella, Sean Leslie

Little Matador

Set in the astonishing world of child matadors, this feature documentary follows five children on their journey to fight in the bullrings of Mexico and Spain. The film charts the new wave of mini-matadors and the challenges they face in an attempt to realise their dreams of becoming top bullfight...



Colony explores the phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder devastating the honeybee population in North America. As a result of this occurance bees are dying in massive numbers and nobody knows why. In this documentary commercial beekeepers tell their stories of their two year battle against the eff...


What Am I Doing Here

Donal O'Kelly's solo plays 'Bat the Father', 'Rabbit the Son' and 'Catalpa'are thought of as some of the most original works to come out of Ireland in the last 25 years. The intensity of his performance is legendary and this documentary explores the mind behind the work. It follows O'Kelly on a tou...

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