Congo an Irish Affair

Congo an Irish Affair

Republic of Congo, July 1960. The United Nations embarks on the biggest peacekeeping mission in its history with 20,000 soldiers from 30 countries. One year later, the UN Secretary General has been killed and its forces under attack. The future of the organization is at stake. At the centre of the storm are the 155 soldiers of A Company, 35th Battalion of the Irish Army and their commander, Commandant Pat Quinlan, Under siege from forces determined to rip the Congo and the UN apart, the fate of the UN is in their hands. The eyes of the world are on Katanga, fabulously wealthy breakaway province, controlled by white European colonists, mercenaries and gaint mining companies. After the Prime Minister of the Congo Patrice Lumumba was murdered by the Katangese, the UN determined to bring the breakaway province back to Congo. Thousands of UN soldiers including hundreds of Irish troops poured into the breakaway province. In September 1961 the UN went to war against Katangese troops and white mercenares. Things went dramatically and drastically wrong from the beginning. This film tells the story of how the Cold War spread its tentacles to Africa.

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