The Day Henry Met Season 2

The Day Henry Met Season 2

Everyday Henry meets something new - The day Henry met a Whale! The day Henry met the Moon!, The day Henry met a Car! How exciting, I wonder what Henry's going to meet today?

Henry is a 4 year old boy who always wants to learn and find out more. So each episode he has a friendly chat with what ever he meets -

- Hello Whale, How do you stay under water for so long? 
- Hello Moon, Why do you only come out at night? 
- Hello Car, What makes you go so fast?

No matter what Henry meets, they’re always delighted to talk, laugh and share their amazing world with him. He finds out so many amazing things about his new friends, he lets his imagination run wild and imagines himself. 

-As a deep sea diver under the ocean with the Whale. 
-As an astronaut flying to the moon. 
-As a race car driver, in the middle of a race.

Every episode ends with Henry's mother calling him. Before he leaves he always tells his new friends it was lovely talking to them and hopes they have a nice day.


Pulcinella Best European Work Irish Film and Television Awards - Best Animation Irish Animation Awards - Best Animation


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