Chippers tells the story of Dublin's well-established community of four thousand Italians who have owned chipshops in the city since the 1900's. This film features archive footage of the city of Dublin and extracts of short documentaries sourced from the Irish Film Archive and from Istituto Luce (Italy). It is a nostalgic, melancholic portrait of the early struggle and integration of this unique community. It received a Special Jury Mention when it had it's world premiere at the Hai Visto Mai? Festival in Italy in June 2008. International screenings include: Cineteca di Bologna, Boston Irish Film Festival, Chicago irish Film Festival, Special screening at Calandra Institute (New York 2009) and Roma Film Festa (as part of the Reel Ireland circuit) Screened in the IFI as part of the Ireland on Sunday series in April 2009. Winner Best Documentary at "Concorso Memorie Migranti" (Italy) in April 2010. Currently available on DVD in Laser Shop DVD Specialist


Special Jury Mention at "hai Visto Mai?" (Siena, Italy, 2008)

Winner, Best Documentary at Concorso Memorie Migranti (Perugia, Italy, 2010)

Official Selections

Stranger Then Fiction Documentary Festival (Dublin 2008)

Boston Irish Film Festival (Boston, 2009)


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  • Fall Films
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