Vita & Virginia

Vita & Virginia

Vita & Virginia is the true story of the passionate relationship between literary trailblazer Virginia Woolf and her only lover, the enigmatic author Vita Sackville West. The film is a celebration of their unconventional bond while being a reminder that only genuine connection makes life worth living.

It’s the roaring 1920's. Virginia Woolf has reached the apex of modern world literature for her landmark book, Mrs. Dalloway, yet nothing soothes the darkness that plagues her. She is powerless over the mood swings that randomly lift her to creative heights and then drown her under the weight of melancholia, deepening her need for seclusion. Virginia’s husband Leonard does what he can to buoy her up, as do her Bloomsbury Group friends, but Woolf pays the price for for her genius.

Woolf’s illness does not stop Vita Sackville-West from courting her with letters of admiration. Vita has a soft spot for Virginia’s writing — and being a Sapphist, she admits having one for Virginia herself.

Vita’s letters and poems compel Virginia into a courtship that is hardly concealed from their respective husbands. Soon, Virginia is enthralled by Vita. She is everything Virginia is not — extroverted, direct, in possession of a strongly magnetic personality and, as Virginia writes, ‘amazing legs’.

When Vita journeys into the far reaches of the Middle East, she begins a series of love letters to Virginia that richly detail her adventures. These letters inspire Woolf’s masterpiece, Orlando.

The novel chronicles the adventures of an androgynous hero who inhabits multiple lifetimes as both a man and a woman — a thinly veiled expression of Virginia’s own romantic awakening for Vita.

Upon Vita’s return, the two women consummate their relationship — a major step for the sexually timid WooIf. Although she enjoys spells of contentedness through the next decade and a half of their turbulent relationship, Virginia eventually takes her own life in the River Ouse. The bond between Virginia and Vita endures in Woolf’s canonical literature, which today enjoys even more popularity than in her lifetime.

Vita & Virginia is a timeless love story, told in an exciting contemporary style, about two women who smashed through social barriers to find solace in forbidden connection.


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