Project Development

Project Development Loans

Project Development Loans enable producers to commission screenplays and undertake all practical work necessary to prepare a feature film project for production. 

About the Funding

Project Development Loans enable Irish producers to commission screenplays with a view to developing feature films to production stage. 

The maximum amount available at any one time is €50,000. The maximum total amount that Screen Ireland can provide to any one project is €100,000. Any amount of development funding above €50,000 provided to a project must be matched by third party funding from other sources. Applicants should note that in light of the pressure on Screen Ireland resources, awards considerably less than the maximum are likely to be offered. Development funding is not a guarantee of Production funding at a later stage.

Development funding is provided by Screen Ireland for the making of films predominantly in English or Irish, or a combination of the two. 

Who Can Apply

Project Development Loans are available to Irish producers (independent production companies registered in the Republic of Ireland which have an office and staff based in the Republic of Ireland) with a feature film project they wish to develop, clear access to the necessary rights in any material that is to be adapted for the screen, and an agreement (at least in principle) with the screenwriter they wish to commission. The commitment of a director can lend weight to an application but is not essential at the outset. 

Proposals based on existing source material, such as plays or novels, are required to go beyond plot summaries and will need to provide a clear indication of the strategy for adaptation in the form of a filmic treatment. Where this essential element of an application is absent applications will be automatically withdrawn.

Proposals based on real life people or events must go beyond a synopsis of research and clearly outline the filmic narrative.

Treatments are not mandatory when applying for additional development loans on projects already in receipt of Screen Ireland development funding.  In such cases, a detailed outline is acceptable.  Any projects awarded development funding prior to 2016 must submit a recent treatment if applying for additional support.

Treatments should be detailed and endeavour to communicate a strong sense of theme, characterization (i.e. arcs and relationships), and tone as well as plot.  This is especially important in applications comprising of treatment and sample scenes only.

Application Requirements

In order to thoroughly assess the further development potential of applications the following documents are required:



Detailed Treatment (6-10 pages excluding images)

Full Screenplay (110 pages maximum) or 25 sample pages

Notes on further development

Development Budget (The Screen Ireland budget template must be used)

Evidence of Ownership of Rights

Applications can be made online using the 'Make an Application' button on this page. Applicants must consult the Development Funding guidelines prior to making an application. Applications which do not meet the criteria set out in these guidelines will automatically be deemed ineligible for consideration.

If you wish to make an application for funding by post, contact 091 561 398 for the relevant application form.

2019 Development Application Deadlines

  • Thursday 28th February (includes TV Drama Development)
  • Tuesday 30th April
  • Friday 28th June (includes TV Drama Development)
  • Friday 30th August
  • Thursday 31st October (includes TV Drama Development)
  • Friday 13th December

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