Technical FAQs

Technical FAQs

Everything you need to know about making a funding application

FAQs: Online Application Process

What is the cut off time for submitting an application on the day of the deadline?

1pm. We strongly recommend you allow ample time to prepare, upload and submit your application - at the very least three to four hours ahead of the deadline if not the day before  or earlier as incomplete applications will not be accepted by the online system once the deadline passes.

What are the technical requirements for using the online system?

Your computer and internet browser will need to meet these minimum requirements to use the system successfully:

PC: Windows Vista or higher with Internet Explorer 9 OR Firefox 30 or higher

MAC: Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or higher with Safari 5.1 or higher OR Firefox 30 or higher.


How do I know when deadlines occur?

Check our website for updates – they are normally posted on the ‘Funding’ page.

What happens if I miss a development, production or distribution application deadline?

You can apply to the next available deadline.

What happens if I miss a short scheme deadline?

Unfortunately you would have to wait until the following year provided of course the relevant short scheme will run again.

When does the online system reopen after a deadline has passed?

Normally within three (3) business days for all categories except our short schemes which are each open once a year only.


How do I register to use the online application system?

You can register in the ‘Funding’ section of our website by clicking the ‘Make an Application’ button. Once you have completed all of the necessary fields and clicked ‘Register’ you will receive an automated email with details of how to activate your account which will include a clickable link.

I didn’t receive the automated email after I registered?

  • Ensure you are checking the correct registered email address for the account.
  • Automated emails often go into junk or spam folders.
  • If you have a very strong filtering system on your email it may not allow any automated email through even to your junk or spam folders so check to see if there is a block set up.
  • To overcome blocking please add  and  to your whitelist.

I’ve just registered and am trying to log in but it doesn’t seem to be working?

  • Have you activated the account by logging into your registered email? Within the body of the email you will find the activation link. Once activated it will bring you back to the registration page to log in.
  • If you cannot find the email – check your junk or spam folders. If you still cannot find it check your spam blocker, it may be blocking automated emails in which case you need to set it to allow as well as
  • If none of the above work contact Technical Support or call 091 561398 (office hours).

The link I received after registration called ‘Activate My Account’ isn’t working - it is not an active link.

  • The reason you are seeing an inactive link (words with no line underneath) is due to email software that may be stripping out the HTML link. Please change it so the HTML is not removed, the link should then become visible. 
  • If the above doesn’t work for you, contact Technical Support  or call 091 561 398 (office hours).

I clicked the Activation Link but it is taking a long time to bring me back to the Registration Page … what is happening?

This is dependent on your own Broadband speed which may bring you back quickly or can be delayed.


Why is the system not allowing me to log in?

There may be a number of reasons why this is occurring:- 

  • Check your email address and password are both correct.
  • Forgetting the password is the most common reason for not being able to log in. Go to the registration page, click on ‘Forgotten Password’ follow the onscreen instructions. Once you have entered your registered email address, a message appears onscreen to direct you back to that email address, where an automated email should be in your inbox. Click on the link within the message and reset your password when the page pops up onscreen. Please note that automated emails are sometimes directed to spam or junk folders.  
  • Is your email and password disappearing from the boxes at registration each time you attempt to enter? You may not have activated your account by clicking on the ‘Activate Your Account’ link which is in the automated email you receive after initial online registration - check also your junk or spam folders.
  • Are you logging in under an email address that’s been set up by a colleague or another person within your company for example? – check you have the correct log in details.
  • Smartphones and tablets sometimes limit what you can do and can cause problems such as an inability to log in to online systems. Try a laptop or computer instead.
  • Check your browser settings as some may have inbuilt limitations & permission restrictions – try Chrome or Internet Explorer as these seem to work best.
  • You may have been timed out by your computer and need to refresh the page.
  • Are you logging into the Film Directory section on our website by mistake? Ensure you are in ‘Funding’ scroll down to click on ‘Make an Application’.

What if I forget my password?

  • If you cannot remember your password click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link and follow the instructions onscreen. Forgetting the password is the most common reason for not being able to log in. Once you have entered your registered email address, a message appears onscreen to direct you back to that email address, where an automated email should be in your inbox. Click on the link within the message and reset your password when the page pops up onscreen. Please note that automated emails are sometimes directed to spam or junk folders.  

Can I change my password whenever I want?

Passwords can easily be changed at any time by first accessing your account and then by clicking into Edit My Details on the left sidebar. When changing your password this way it will activate on your next log in.

APPLICATION PROCESS – Creating an Application:

What type and size of files can I upload to my application?

All documents must be in PDF format no larger than 5MB in size. Some files with high resolution graphics (logos, signatures etc.) may be too large so you will need to reduce/compress these. Most PDF converters will automatically adjust the graphics and reduce their size appropriately.

How do I convert files to PDF format?

There are a number of built-in, free and paid-for PDF conversion tools available. Microsoft Office Word can save files in PDF format starting from version 2007. There are on-line PDF converters available for free or for a small fee on the Internet. Adobe, the creators and promoters of the PDF file format sell PDF converter in their on-line shop. Whichever tool you choose for PDF conversion, please ensure the converted file is as intended by checking it in free Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Am unable to reduce my document to 5MB.

Choose a lower resolution like 100 or 200 dpi for text – although images may sometimes need a higher resolution. A quick way to do this is run your documents through a photocopier/scanning machine – it converts to PDF at a greatly reduced size. Each document must not be larger than 5MB (which can be checked by right-clicking on the document, choosing ‘properties’ to see size details).

Why is it taking so long to upload my files?

The speed at which files upload depends on your Internet connection and also the size of the file being uploaded. The experience may vary on mobile and ADSL broadband connections. On a typical ADSL broadband it may take up to 1 minute to upload a 5MB file, this may be faster or slower depending on your service provider. Slow internet mobile connections can see the upload time increase to 5 minutes or more. 

Am unable to upload my file attachments?

  • Check files are in PDF format, if not then you need to convert to PDF – ensure they are no larger than 5MB. This can be checked by right-clicking on the document, choosing ‘properties’ to see size details.
  • Are you working off a ‘Saved’ version in your My Applications section? If so, you cannot edit it here so click on the ‘Edit’ button to access the application for editing purposes.
  • Check the deadline status, if the application category is closed temporarily after a deadline, you will not be able to work on the application until it reopens.

What does the red ‘x’ appearing beside a file upload section mean?

This appears as a delete function once a file has been uploaded should you attach an incorrect document by mistake.

I have more than one file to upload on one of the questions, how do I do this?

  • If the original documents are Word files you can combine them into one file and then convert to PDF. If they are PDF originally you can cut and paste from each one into a Word doc and then combine and create one PDF.
  • Alternatively, you can scan all of the documents together which converts them automatically to PDF and also compresses the size. Remember that each document upload must be under 5MB (which can be checked by right-clicking on the document, choosing ‘properties’ to see size details).
  • There is also an Additional Section on the last page of each application form where you can upload additional documents if necessary.

I uploaded the wrong document by mistake, how can I delete it?

You need to click the delete button which is the red circle with the ‘X’ marked on it. It doesn’t show up until you move to the next page after uploading your document(s), so move to the next page, then return to the page where the red ‘x’ will appear and simply delete the file.

I am trying to upload a document but it is telling me it is the wrong format.

  • Firstly check that you have successfully converted your document to PDF as sometimes it may not have worked. It should read .pdf in the file name.
  • Sometimes an older version of PDF will not work in which case you will need to upgrade to a more recent version.

While creating my application or coming back to complete it, I noticed the information was not saved … what happened?

You most likely did not click the ‘Save for Later’ button at the end – this saves your latest work.

Am unable to enter data when I move to the next page of the application form.

Check if you clicked ‘Save Draft’ by mistake and if so, go to ‘My Applications’ - find the relevant application and click on the ‘Edit’ version to continue (do not click ‘View’ as this allows you to ‘view’ it only).

I cannot seem to enter phone numbers?

Check that you are in the correct phone number field.

Are you using the plus symbol + prefix? If so exclude this as the phone number field accepts only numbers and no other characters or letters.

Can we have two users working on an application at the same time in different locations? 

This works better if you stay on separate pages and do not try to enter information in the same place at the same time however, it would be better if you both work on it at different times to ensure all the material attached to the application is correct.

Can I provide a link to supporting material on the web?

Yes, for some specific questions we ask you to provide us with links to other websites that house sound or video clips. If the clip is password protected you must also supply the password. You can include the password in the field where you pasted the URL or alternatively you can type it into the Additional Information section.

Can I submit additional material?

Toward the end of the application form a section has been provided for any additional material you may want to include. You will be able to add information into a text box at 750 words max, upload a PDF file and/or include a URL. 

The Submit Application button is not allowing me to submit my application?

Check you have filled in all the necessary mandatory fields – a list will pop up at this stage to alert you as to where the fields are vacant.


How do I know you have received my application?

Once the application has been submitted a confirmation window-message pops up on your screen and you should also immediately receive an automated confirmation email into your registered email address but it can also take up to ten minutes to arrive. The email will contain a system ID code along with an expected response time for each application category. Check also your junk or spam folders if it does not arrive. This does not mean the application has been accepted however, only that our online system has received it.

How do I know if my application has been ‘accepted’?

After the deadline has passed the applications are checked to see if all parts have been submitted according to the relevant application category & guidelines. If it is accepted, the person named as the main correspondent on the application form will receive an acknowledgment with an application code, PIN reference and expected response time.

Is there any reason why an application may not be accepted?

Yes, there are some instances where this may occur:-

  • If any material submitted is incomplete.
  • If you attached (an) incorrect document(s).
  • If we are in receipt of an application requiring a pre-application meeting with the Production & Development Dept. and the applicant has not done this – this is a requirement for the production & distribution categories.
  • The above point also applies to a resubmission of a previously unsuccessful development application.

I cannot access my application to continue working and editing it.

  • The most likely reason for this is that a deadline has passed. Please check this first as you can only access and/or edit your application while the category is open. If the deadline is closed it will reopen within two or three business days of the deadline passing. This applies to the development, production and distribution categories only and not the shorts. It is advisable to always save a copy of your application off site.
  • Shorts deadlines open once a year only and once closed you can no longer access your application. Again, it is advisable to save a copy of your application off site.
  • Check you are not clicking on ‘View’ by mistake.