POV: Production and Training Scheme for Female Creative Talent


The POV Scheme aims to support the development and production of low budget live action feature films from female Writers and Directors.

About the Scheme

The aim of POV is to enable distinct Irish female voices with a passion to tell stories on the big screen through the development and production of feature films. It is open to live action fiction feature films that can be produced at the required budget level of €400,000. There is no limitation on the genre, narrative style, content or other elements of the screenplay/story.

Up to six projects will be selected for an intensive development process which will include mentorship, workshopping and story development. Following this phase, three projects will be selected for production.

The three selected films should be ready for production in 2019. All crew working on the projects should be given the opportunity to upgrade. A strong gender balance will also be expected across all crew with training and mentorship opportunities afforded to all involved in the making of the films.

Who Can Apply 

Applications are invited from Irish (each member must be born or resident in Ireland) producer/director/writer teams (where the producer and director is not the same person) subject to eligibility guidelines as follows:

  • Directors or Writer/Directors (female only) - must have previously directed at least one live action short film and/or television drama and/or commercials and/or viral-online series. Note that applications from more experienced Directors who are looking to build on their body of work or move into a different space within their filmmaking are very welcome.

  • Writers (female only) - must have previous writing experience eg. screen, stage, published or online work.

  • Producers (male or female) - must have previously produced at least one live action short film and/or television drama and/or commercials and/or viral-online series.

Information Seminar

An open information seminar about the POV scheme for all interested applicants will be held in March 2018 with full details to be confirmed soon.

How to Apply 

It is extremely important that each applicant consults the POV Application Guidelines (downloadable below) in advance of making a submission. These outline in detail the application process and requirements, selection process and important conditions of the Scheme.

Applications can be made online using the 'Make an Application' button on this page (the system will be open to applications in late March 2018) . If you wish to make an application for funding by post, contact 091 561 398 for the relevant application form.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 1pm on Friday 20th April 2018. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

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