Fantastic Films’ Nails Hits U.S. Cinemas on 17 November Following Spanish Release of Muse in Over 200 Cinemas


Fantastic Films’ Nails Hits U.S. Cinemas on 17 November Following Spanish Release of Muse in Over 200 Cinemas

Posted: 13th November 2017

Following on from its screening at the prestigious Egyptian Theatre in L.A., Fantastic Films and Dark Sky Films are thrilled to announce Dennis Bartok’s claustrophobic horror Nails, starring Shauna Macdonald (The Descent) and Ross Noble (Stitches) will be screening for an exclusive one-week run at The Roxie in San Francisco from 10th- 16th November followed by a general release on the 17 November in select theatres and on V.O.D. Muse, the supernatural thriller from Jaume Balagueró (Sleep Tight, [REC]) was released in Spain on 10 November and is currently screening in over 200 cinemas. Both films were produced by Irish production company, Fantastic Films.

From the producers of The Hallow and Let Us Prey — Brendan McCarthy and John McDonnell of Fantastic Films — Nails is an Irish co-production that tells the story of a paralysed woman who struggles to regain her life when she encounters a malevolent ghost in her hospital room.

Dana Milgrom is a track coach, who having survived a near-death car accident, finds herself completely paralysed and trapped inside her own body. While recovering, she becomes convinced that some evil presence exists inside her hospital room and is intent on killing her. No one believes her—not even her own family, who think she is experiencing a mental breakdown. However, Dana soon realises she may not be the only target. As the hauntings become more disturbing and violent Dana's life is increasingly at risk—as well as the person she cares most about: her teenage daughter, Gemma.

Nails is currently available on DVD and digital download in Ireland and the U.K.

Filmed on location in Ireland, Belgium, and Spain, Muse was produced by Brendan McCarthy and John McDonnell at Fantastic Films alongside Filmax, and stars Christopher Lloyd, Joanne Whalley, Elliot Cowan, Franka Potente Ana Ularu, Manuela Vellés, and Leonor Watling.

Since the tragic and unexpected death of his girlfriend, Samuel, a professor of literature, suffers a recurring nightmare in which a woman is brutally murdered by a strange ritual. When the same woman who appears every night in his dreams is found dead in identical circumstances, Samuel sneaks into the crime scene to investigate. There he meets Rachel, a young woman who does not know anything but claims she also dreamed of the murder.

Together, they will make every effort to discover the identity of the mystery woman, plunging into a dark world ruled by the muses that inspired the poets of all time.

The film is currently on release in over 200 cinemas in Spain and sales continued at the AFM last week with updates on the Irish, U.K and North American release to be announced shortly.

Nails and Muse were both supported by the IFB.

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