Distribution Support

Distribution Support

Funding for bona fide Irish distributors to help defray the costs of theatrical release in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) of feature films already in receipt of production funding, and to stimulate more effective publicity and promotion.

About the Funding

Funding is provided in the form of limited-recourse loans recoverable from a share of revenues from the exploitation of the film. Repayment of this loan is applicable once the distributor expenses and commission, which will have been agreed in advance with Screen Ireland, have been recouped. 

Under this scheme release costs of qualifying films are divided as to those that are eligible for Screen Ireland Marketing Support and those not eligible. Distributors are expected to take full responsibility for the preparation of a film for release in the Irish market and for its physical distribution. Accordingly, the following costs are not eligible for Distribution Support: 

  • Creative and production costs of key art, posters, press ads, TV/radio spots, press book 
  • Costs of creating DCPs of either film or trailer, censorship submission, market research 
  • Despatch costs, tracking costs 
  • VPF Costs

The costs of publicity and promotion of qualifying films in the Irish market are considered as eligible costs under the scheme. Distributors may apply for Distribution Support funding to cover 90%, up to a maximum of €75,000, of the following costs: 

  • Media space costs: TV., press, radio, outdoor, online 
  • Publicity costs: media screenings, talent visits, festivals in Ireland; and (to the extent not provided by the production) stills/clips/EPK for editorial use 
  • PR agency fees, if this work is not handled in-house and if approved by Screen Ireland 
  • Promotional costs: trailer design and edit, website, talker screenings, special promotions, manufacture and distribution of merchandise for promotional use only 


A decision by Screen Ireland to assist the release of a qualifying film in Ireland will be predicated on a positive assessment of the distributor's campaign, release plan and overall prints and advertising budget. An application is likely to be enhanced by demonstration on the part of the distributor as to how Screen Ireland Distribution Support will enable the film to be more effectively publicised and promoted than if backed by the distributor's resources alone. 

Who Can Apply

Screen Ireland Distribution Support funding is available to bona fide distribution companies established in the Republic of Ireland which are planning to release a qualifying film theatrically in Ireland (including Northern Ireland). 

Qualifying films for the purposes of this scheme are full-length feature films (fiction, animation or documentary) that are already in receipt of Screen Ireland production or completion funding. 

In order to be considered as a bona fide distribution company, and thus eligible to apply for funding under this scheme, the applicant must be able to demonstrate either that it is in the business of distributing films regularly in the Irish market or that it has verifiable plans to establish itself as such a company. 

Funding under this scheme is not available to non-Irish companies planning direct distribution of a qualifying film in the Irish market, but is available to bona fide Irish distributors handling a qualifying film in Ireland under a sub-distribution arrangement with a non-Irish company. In these instances, funding may be requested only to help defray eligible costs borne by the Irish distributor. Costs shared by another territory i.e. the UK must be delineated clearly in an application. 

Screen Ireland can contract only with companies incorporated in the Republic of Ireland. 

Making an Application

Applications can now be made online using the 'Make an Application' button on this page. Applicants must consult the Production Funding Guidelines 2019 in advance of making a submission. Applications which do not meet the criteria set out in these guidelines will be automatically withdrawn.

Screen Ireland Distribution Manager, Emma Scott, must be consulted prior to making an application. A copy of the film must be made available to the Distribution Manager for viewing prior to making an application. 

If you wish to make an application for funding by post, contact 091 561 398 for the relevant application form.

Distribution Application Deadlines for 2019

  • Friday 15th February
  • Friday 12th April
  • Friday 14th June
  • Friday 16th August
  • Friday 18th October
  • Friday 13th December