Find out about development, production and distribution funding for writers, directors and production companies across the film, television and animation sectors.



We provide a range of development funding programmes to enable writers, directors and producers to develop and prepare a project for production.


We provide a wide range of production funding programmes to enable and encourage high levels of production activity across the film, television and animation sector.


Distribution & Publicity Support

We provide a range of distribution & publicity support funding programmes to assist bona fide Irish distributors and producers in Ireland with the theatrical release of Screen Ireland-supported feature films.

Short Film Schemes

We provide a range of short film funding programmes to assist writers, directors and producers across live action, animation and documentary.


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Important Information

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the important information provided in this section in advance of making a submission.

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Funding Decisions

Funding awards are announced on a quarterly basis and reflect decisions made by the Screen Irelad board during this period.

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How do I apply for funding from Screen Ireland?

The full application procedure is outlined on our website here.

Can I submit a full screenplay for consideration for Screenplay Development Funding?

Screen Ireland will accept the first draft of a screenplay or you may also submit a 6-10 page treatment with 25 pages of the screenplay for consideration.

Are Readers Reports available for unsuccessful projects submitted for Development Funding?

Yes, reader reports are available upon request by emailing Jennifer Smyth, Production & Development Coordinator

Are Readers Reports available for unsuccessful projects submitted for the Short Schemes?

Yes, reader reports are available upon request by emailing Jill McGregor, Short Schemes Co-ordinator with the details of the project.

What are the criteria that FÉ/SI use to assess projects submitted for funding?

A detailed explanation of Screen Ireland criteria can be found on this page of our website.

Can you provide template writer agreement and option agreement?

No, professional legal advise should always be taken. However a list of the minimum contractual requirements of Screen Ireland can be reviewed in the Development Funding Guidelines downloadable from the website.

If I am an Irish Citizen no longer resident in Ireland, can I still apply for funding?

Yes, anybody can apply for funding but will be required to have an Irish (ROI) registered company to receive any award of funding. In the case of Screenplay Development Funding, only Irish residents and citizens will be considered.

Do I need to have a registered company to access funding from FÉ/SI?

All funding awards in excess of €15,000, must be contracted with a company registered in the State, as Screen Ireland will need to take security in the form of a charge over the company’s interest in the film project.

Is FÉ/SI development funding repayable?

Yes, any Screen Ireland development funding awarded is in the form of a repayable loan. It is only repayable on the first day of principal photography of the project.

Is the micro-budget scheme still in existence?

Yes, Screen Ireland still accept applications for projects that fall under the micro-budget schemes, although these awards are very rare. The IFB can fund 100% of the production cost of €100,000 for feature length films (live action and documentary. For further information, please consult the Fiction Irish Production Funding Section. The same form, procedures and guidelines apply.

Is the low budget scheme still in existence?

Screen Ireland''s low budget scheme CatalystProject is not run on an annual basis however in addition to micro-budget films (as above), applications can be submitted for projects with budgets lower than €1,500,000 and IFB funding can represent up to 65% of the total budget. For further information, please consult the Fiction Irish Production Funding Section. The same form, procedures and guidelines apply.

Do I need a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Anyone (including companies not resident in the State) in receipt of Screen Ireland Funding must provide an up to date tax clearance certificate. Further information of availing of a certificate can be found here.

What are the criteria for applying for Completion Funding?

In order to apply for completion funding, you must be able to provided a rough cut of the feature length film and comply with a number of legal requirements as legislated by Screen Ireland. Please consult this page, and further information can be downloaded from the Completion Funding Application Checklist also available on this page.

Is FÉ/SI production funding repayable?

Yes, Screen IreIand production and completion funding is in the form of a repayable loan. Screen Ireland will expect to recoup pro rata and pari passu with any other equity investors and to receive an ongoing net profit share once recouped.

How can I access Section 481?

Applications for certification are now made to the Revenue Commissioners who handle the administration of the scheme. For more information, see here.

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