Publicity Support

Publicity Support

This funding aims to provide publicity support for the World Premiere of Screen Ireland supported live action, animation or documentary feature films at major A-list festivals.

About the Funding

This funding aims to provide publicity support for the World Premiere of Screen Ireland supported live action, animation or documentary feature films at major A-list festivals.

Application Deadlines

You must apply as soon as your film has been invited to screen at an approved major international a-list film festival, as outlined below. 

Publicity Support Application Requirements

  • Your film must be in receipt of Screen Ireland production funding or creative co-production funding
  • Your film must be in receipt of an invitation to screen at one of the following international film festivals only:
  1. Sundance Film Festival
  2. Berlin Film Festival
  3. Cannes Film Festival
  4. Toronto International Film Festival
  5. Venice International Film Festival
  6. SXSW
  7. Tribeca Film Festival
  • The funding is available for the World Premiere or International Premiere of the film only
  • The following items are required as part of a submission to all Publicity Support funding:
  1. Letter of acceptance from the approved festival
  2. Biography/CV of your selected publicist and confirmed contracts with that publicist
  3. Outline of the publicity strategy, budget and what is included as part of the publicity fee
  4. Press notes for the film which will be used at the relevant festival
  5. A completed Screen Ireland application form

Delivery Requirements

  • Detailed report on the marketing activities at the festival focusing on what worked and what did not
  • Press clippings for all press achieved by your publicist and list of press in attendance at press screenings
  • Third party invoices for publicity costs
  • Invoice from film producer to drawdown funding

Funding Drawdown

A maximum amount of €5,000 will be awarded feature films originated and creatively led by Irish talent. Features film in reception of Creative Co-production funding from Screen Ireland can receive a maximum award of €2,500. 100% of your funding award may be drawn down on submission of deliveries.

Additional Information

  • The publicist must be approved by Screen Ireland and have relevant publicity experience with the particular festival.
  • It is not expected that you utilise feature press opportunities which are necessary to hold back on for your distribution release, but it is expected to generate wide coverage on the film at the festival in terms of festival news, reviews and overall awareness, specific to the needs of your film.
  • A particular emphasis should also be placed on preview press, highlighting the film as one to watch out for in the festival.

A publicist can be expected to provide the following festival support:

  • Actively pitch to select accredited media, in accordance with publicity strategy as directed by the sales agent and film producer, leveraging all relationships to maximize reach and awareness.
  • Pursue major trade reviews. 

  • Potentially secure interviews with available talent/filmmakers and place exclusive images/clips to run online (pending material availability). 

  • Create a festival publicity / interview schedule for director and/or actor(s)
  • Attend and assist with all official press screenings and gauge press reaction to the film
  • Work closely with the sales agent/producer in regards of selection press materials developed by sales agent / film producers
  • Provide a final report listing select coverage obtained, interviews conducted, and include links of any related articles, both on-line and in print. 

  • Assist with talent logistics for film premiere  


Applications including all details shuold be emailed to Louise Ryan, Marketing & Communications Manager, louise,