Irish Film Takes Centre Stage as ADIFF 2018 Begins


Irish Film Takes Centre Stage as ADIFF 2018 Begins

Posted: 20th February 2018

The Audi Dublin International Film Film Festival (ADIFF) begins today, 21st February and runs until 4th March 2018. Celebrating a host of Irish and international titles, ADIFF 2018 will present an extraordinary red carpet line-up of on-screen talent and guest filmmakers.

See below for a complete line-up of IFB titles screening at this year's festival and to view the entire programme, please click here.


Opening Gala

It’s 1847 and Ireland is in the grip of the Great Famine that has ravaged the country for two long years. Feeney, a hardened Irish Ranger who has been fighting for the British Army abroad, abandons his post to return home and reunite with his estranged family.  He has seen more than his share of horrors, but nothing prepares him for the famine’s hopeless destruction of his homeland that has brutalised his people and where there seems to be no law and order. He discovers his mother starved to death and his brother hanged by the brutal hand of the English. With little else to live for, he sets a destructive path to avenge his family.

Director Lance Daly
Writers PJ Dillon, Pierce Ryan, Eugene O’Brien, Lance Daly
Main Cast Hugo Weaving, Barry Keoghan, Jim Broadbent
Irish Production Company Fastnet Films
Screening Wed 21st Feb, Cineworld 17, 21:00



The Breadwinner tells the story of eleven-year-old Parvana, who gives up her identity to provide for her family and to try to save her father’s life. A story of self-empowerment and imagination in the face of oppression, the film also celebrates the culture, history and beauty of Afghanistan with a cast that includes many performers of Afghan descent.

Director Nora Twomey
Writer Anita Doran based on the novel by Deborah Ellis
Main Cast Saara Chaudry, Soma Chhaya, Noorin Gulamgaus
Irish Production Company Cartoon Saloon
Screening Thur 22nd Feb, Cineworld 17, 20:00


Irish Premiere

Seventeen-year-old Candice longs to escape the boredom of her seaside town, only finding solace in her vivid imagination. When a boy she dreams about turns up in real life, she becomes increasingly entangled with a dangerous local gang.

Director/Writer Aoife McArdle
Main Cast Ann Skelly, Ryan Lincoln, Conall Keating
Irish Production Company Venom Films
Screening Fri 2nd March, Light House 1, 20:45


World Premiere 

The Delinquent Season is a tense drama which revolves around two couples in suburban Dublin; Jim and Danielle and Yvonne and Chris. On paper, they both appear to live in marital bliss, until an altercation between one couple occurs, and cracks begin to appear in both of these seemingly steady marriages. 

Director/Writer Mark O'Rowe
Main Cast Cillian Murphy, Andrew Scott, Catherine Walker, Eva Birthistle, Nathan O'Toole
Irish Production Company Parallel Films 
Screening Sat 3rd March, Light House 1, 20:30


Special Presentation

Since the tragic and unexpected death of his girlfriend, Samuel, a professor of literature, suffers a recurring nightmare in which a woman is brutally murdered by a strange ritual. When the same woman who appears every night in his dreams is found dead in identical circumstances, Samuel sneaks into the crime scene to investigate. There he meets Rachel, a young woman who does not know anything but claims she also dreamed of the murder.

Director Jaume Balagueró
Writers Jaume Balagueró, Fernando Navarro
Main Cast Elliot Cowan, Franka Potente, Ana Ularu
Irish Production Company Fantastic Films
Screening Wed 28th Feb, Light House 1, 20:45


Good Favour follows a young man named Tom who walks out of an immense forest into the lives of a strictly devout Christian community carving out a remote existence in central Europe. As Tom is initiated into their farming life and scriptural regime, he discovers the community is suffering a crisis of faith following a devastating loss..

Director Rebecca Daly
Writers Rebecca Daly, Glen Montgomery
Main Cast Vincent Romeo, Lars Brygmann, Clara Rugaard
Irish Production Company Savage Productions 
Screening Tues 27th Feb, Light House 1, 20:30


To find the last piece of their family puzzle, Damo and Ivor embark on the mother of all adventures. Ivor can't get the surprise meeting with their brother John Joe out of his head and convinces Damo they have to track him down. Unknown to Damo, Ivor is also hoping to finally reunite with their mother. An adventure ensues, taking the brothers across Ireland where they discover that sometimes you can't judge a book by its cover and things are not always as they seem. 

Directors Ronan Burke, Rob Burke
Writers Andy Quirke, Jules Coll
Main Cast Andy Quirke, Ruth McCabe, Tina Kellegher, Simon Delaney
Irish Production Companies Blue Ink Films, Parallel Film Productions 
Screening Fri 2nd March, Cineworld, 18:10


For six years, a virus has devastated Europe, transforming people into zombie-like monsters. All is lost until a cure is found. The cure, which has a 75% success rate, restores the infected to full physical health, although the cured remember everything they did while infected. Three years into this great hope, the third wave of cured are ready for release in Ireland.

Director/Writer David Freyne
Main Cast Ellen Page, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Sam Keeley
Irish Production Company Titled Pictures
Screening Sun 25th Feb, Light House 1, 20:15


During an intense, meticulously prepared and highly charged encounter, a young woman finally gets answers to questions which have haunted her. Based upon a real-life meeting between a young sexual assault victim and her offender after his release from prison, The Meeting exposes the raw truth of a woman who refuses to sacrifice her personal freedom on the altar of an inadequate justice system. 

Director/Writer Alan Gilsenan
Main Cast Ailbhe Griffith, Terry O'Neill, Kevin McCormack, Allan Keating, Brenda McSweeney
Irish Production Company Parzival Productions 
Screening Sat 3rd March, Light House 1, 15:45


A crew including a writer, two musicians, an artist and a stonemason embark on the Camino, not on land, but by sea in a traditional boat that they built themselves. The 2,500km journey is inspiring and often dangerous.

Director Dónal Ó Céilleachair
Main Cast Glen Hansard, Brendan Begley, Danny Sheehy, Brendan Moriarty, Liam Holden
Irish Production Company Anú Pictures
Screening Fri 2nd March, IFI, 18:15


How do you bring your son to be shot? What happens afterwards? When do wars really end? Filmed over five years, Sinéad O'Shea's extraordinary documentary centres on a shocking real-life case in a Republican stronghold in Northern Ireland; portraying the complexities of a post-conflict society. 

Director/Writer Sinéad O'Shea
Irish Production Company Blinder Films
Screening Sat 3rd March, Light House 1, 18:15


The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid tells the story of Thomas Reid, a Co. Kildare farmer who, for years, has been locked in a gruelling battle with his neighbour — U.S. microchip manufacturer, Intel who want to expand into Reid’s land. When his farm in Leixlip was the subject of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) by the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Thomas decided to risk everything by challenging the state body in a battle through the courts.

Director Feargal Ward
Irish Production Company FSE Films
Screening Sat 24th Feb, Light House 1, 18:30


We are delighted to present a selection of new IFB short films at ADIFF, as we remain committed to supporting emerging filmmaking talent. Irish shorts at ADIFF 2018 include:

Late Afternoon, dir. Louise Bagnall
Take Me Swimming, dir. Claire Dix
Time Traveller, dir. Steve Kenny
Bordalo II: A Life of Waste, dir. Trevor Whelan, Rua Meegan
Macarooned, dir. Alan Short, Seamus Malone
Hey Ronnie Reagan, dir. Maurice O'Brien
Mother & Baby, dir. Mia Mullarkey
Departure, dir. Aoífe Doyle

The Audi Dublin International Film Festival runs from 21st February – 4th March. For more information, head to