Irish Roller Derby Doc, Revolutions, Released This Friday, 30 June


Irish Roller Derby Doc, Revolutions, Released This Friday, 30 June

Posted: 27th June 2017

Laura McGann’s Irish Roller Derby documentary, Revolutions, will be released in Irish cinemas this Friday, 30 June, after five years in the making.

Rising as fast as the economy crashed, Roller Derby zealously burst forth from the carcass of the Celtic Tiger. Coach and skater, Crow Jane is determined to take the Cork City Firebirds to the top, however, Dublin Roller Derby coach Violent Bob is confident that his team will reign superior. These rivalries must be put aside when the teams come together as Team Ireland for the Wold Cup.

Produced by Ross Whitaker for True Films, Revolutions tells the story of young Irish women on a high-octane roller derby odyssey in search of a fight worth fighting, and above all, a team that needs them. Filmed observationally over the course of five years, it is a fascinating story of a hidden world and characters who make remarkable journeys; both on and off the track.

Speaking about the documentary, director Laura McGann said:

"This film has brought me on a fascinating journey into an intense and passionate world that is right under our noses. Roller derby was brand new in Ireland in 2011 and everyone was starting from scratch.

"At the time, a lot of people had lost their jobs—entire career paths were wiped out—there was a feeling of being left on the social scrap heap. But what I loved about the people in this film is that they never gave up, they stayed strong even when they didn’t feel it. This is what really attracted me to them. They had this ferocity."

Revolutions was produced with the support of Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board (IFB), RTÉ and Kildare County Council and the film is being released by Wildcard Distribution.

Watch the trailer here.