Irish Short Film, Reality Baby, Selected to Screen at 2019 Tribeca Film Festival


Irish Short Film, Reality Baby, Selected to Screen at 2019 Tribeca Film Festival

Posted: 12th March 2019

Congratulations to the team behind the Screen Ireland-supported Real Short, Reality Baby, which has been selected for the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. The short film will receive its International Premiere at the festival, following its Irish debut at the 2018 Cork Film Festival.

Reality Babies are lifelike newborn baby dolls given to teenagers to care for — they cry and feed and wake through the night, just like a real baby. This short documentary follows a group of friends as they take on the responsibility of looking after these infants.

Reality Baby, is written and directed by Nodlag Houlihan and produced by Matt Leigh for Zucca Films.

In recent years, Screen Ireland-supported short films have been a consistent presence at Tribeca, with Louise Bagnall’s Late Afternoon, Steve Kenny’s Time Traveller and Maurice O’Brien’s Hey Ronnie Reagan screening at the 2018 edition of the festival, where Late Afternoon took home Best Animated Short in a programme curated by Whoopi Goldberg.

Other Irish shorts to screen in Official Selection at Tribeca include Vincent Gallagher’s Second to None (2017), Tom O’Sullivan’s Personal Development (2015), Conor Finnegan’s Fear of Flying (2013), Andrew Legge’s The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden (2013), Lorgan Finnegan’s Foxes (2012), Thomas Hefferon Switch (2011), Domhnall Gleeson’s Noreen (2011), Peter McDonald’s Pentecost (2011) and Steph Green’s New Boy, which won Best Short Film at Tribeca in 2008 and went on to receive an Academy Award® nomination for Best Live-Action Short in 2009.

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