Irish Tax Break Proves Enticing for AMC


Irish Tax Break Proves Enticing for AMC

Posted: 6th February 2017

AMC’s Into the Badlands, starring Irish actresses Orla Brady and Sarah Bolger wrapped filming in Ireland after commencing a sixteen-week shoot in August 2016, made possible by Ireland’s attractive tax incentive; Section 481. The tax break—which applies to feature film, TV drama, animation and creative documentary—allows production companies to claim back up to 32% of their eligible expenditure.

According to Into the Badlands’ Orla Brady Section 481 is “working beautifully” [in attracting inward production to Ireland] and along with the country’s plethoric offerings of beautiful scenery, it proved to be a major catalyst in choosing Ireland as a filming location.

Into the Badlands sees Brady in the role of Lydia and Bolger playing the ambitious Jade in Al Gogh and Miles Millar’s genre-bending mixed martial arts series.

Speaking to The Herald about AMC’s decision to film the second series of the TV drama in Ireland, Brady told the newspaper, “…we were all gearing up to go to the other side of the world and then Ireland came in because we have natural sea and the Burren and great exteriors.”

The second season of the show, which was filmed on location in Dublin and Wicklow, will premiere in March 2017.

Of course, Into the Badlands is not the only production to avail of Ireland’s considerably enticing tax incentive as several sequences of the next Star Wars saga were filmed all along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way last year.

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