Logos and Credits

Logos and Credits

The Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland logo is comprised of two elements, the symbol and the word mark. For external static use, the logo must appear in its complete form at all times and the two elements of the logo must never act independently. 

The logo exists in Irish and English alongside an English-only version. The English-only version can be used in international circumstances where it is inappropriate to include the dual-language text. Its usage is under the condition that the material it is used on will exist exclusively outside of Ireland. For the English-only logo, please contact marketing@screenireland.ie.

NB: Before using the Screen Ireland logo, please read the guidelines for usage and correct measurements here.

For use in Print

Screen Ireland Standard Logo
The single colour black and white logo should be considered for general use, including on all external print materials relating to Screen Ireland

Screen Ireland White Reverse Logo
The white reverse logo can be used on coloured backgrounds.

For use on Screen

Screen Ireland Standard Logo
The single colour black and white logo can be used on screens with a white background.

Screen Ireland White Reverse Logo
The white reverse logo can be used on coloured backgrounds.

Screen Lockups

The screen lockups are the logo applied to a 16:9 aspect ratio for easy use in video. The logo in these appears at an optimum scale in relation to the format. These can be used when or if the FÉ/SI logo needs to go at the start or end of a video piece in isolation. These are also available in an English-only version — please email marketing@screenireland.ie to request usage. 

Screen Ireland Logo White on Black Background

Screen Ireland Logo Black on White Background

Animated Logo

If you require the Animated Logo, please contact marketing@screenireland.ie for the password, stating what project it's needed for, and then click here

Short Film Schemes 

Focus Shorts (eps)

Real Shorts (eps)

Short Stories (eps)

For the Frameworks logo, please contact marketing@screenireland.ie