Ireland/Canada Co-Production Treaty

In 1989, the Government of Ireland signed a Co-Production treaty with the Government of Canada. The treaty is designed for co-productions of film and television productions that include drama, animation and documentary.

From 1st July, 2016, a new Co-Production Treaty came into force replacing the previous Treaty. It was substantially updated, providing new and improved arrangements for projects which are co-produced in partnership by Irish and Canadian production companies.

The new Treaty will continue to enable audiovisual works to be recognised as both Irish and Canadian works and thus allow access to various financial supports and benefits in each territory. It has also introduced changes to the minimum levels of financial contributions from each coproduction partner and the levels of each creative contributions required from each territory. This will facilitate even greater co-operation between production companies in Ireland and Canada in the future.

Prior to making an application, please review the following documents: 

Agreement on Film and Video relations between the Government of Canada and the Government of Ireland

Canada-Ireland Co-production Annex

Interpretative Statement

You can also download a co-production application form here.

You can download the co-production split budget template here.