European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production 

Ireland has been a signatory to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production since the 1st of August 2000. The Irish Film Board is the competent authority in Ireland and is responsible for issuing provisional and final co-production approval.

This treaty is intended to encourage multi-lateral film co-productions between three or more signatory countries, but also allows for bi-lateral co-productions where no bi-lateral treaty exists. The convention is limited to films intended for theatrical distributions.

Please ensure you review the convention, which is downloadable here, prior to making an application.

For a full listing of EU member states that are signatories to the convention, visit the Council of Europe website.

For a list of all competent authorities, visit the Council of Europe website.

You can download a co-production application here.

You can download the co-production split budget template here.